Surah Yaseen Benefits, Importance

Surah Yaseen Benefits, Importance

The 36th Surah (chapter) of the Quran, Surah Yasin, also known as Yasin sharif and Yaseen,
has 83 ayats (verses). For those who are unaware of what Yasin Shareef is,
it is the core of the Quran and contains references
to all six pillars of Islam, including the concept of prophethood,
the existence of an afterlife, and the resurrection, among others.

The Quran is a divine source, according to Surah Yasin,
and it issues a warning to people who reject God’s revelations. 

The Message Of Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen tells about the punishments that nonbelievers,
their children, and the generations after
they had to go through. The surah says again
that God is in charge and that there will be a resurrection.
It is a Mecca surah, and its main purpose is to
explain some of the most important ideas in Islam,
especially the idea that there is life after death.

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Yasin Shareef Why Is Important In Quotes

Many scholars talk about how important Surah Yasin is.
Some of the most famous thoughts and quotes
about Surah Yasin that come from scholarly Hadiths are:

  • “Everything has a heart, and Surah Yasin is the heart of the Quran.
    If you read it, it’s like you’ve read the whole Quran ten times.”
  • “Everyone will be forgiven in the morning if
    they read Surah Yasin in one night.”
  • “Allah will forgive anyone who recites
    Surah Yaseen at night to get his approval.”
  • “Whoever keeps reading it every night until he or she
    dies will be a shaheed (martyr).”
  • “Whoever goes into the cemetery and reads Surah Yasin,
    their punishment will be lessened that day, and
    he will get as much hasanaat (reward) as there are people in the cemetery.”
Surah Yaseen Benefits: 10 Reasons To Recite Surah Yaseen Today

Benefits of Surah Yaseen:
The Quran is the most important message and gift that Allah
SWT has given to people. If a believer can say every word
of the Holy Quran, they get a prize. In addition to the
rewards that are mentioned in the Quran as a whole,
some Surahs have more rewards than others.

Surah Yaseen’s Significance

The shortest surahs of the Quran to learn were covered in
our previous piece, and today we will only address Yasin sharif
Surah Yaseen is one of the most crucial verses in the Holy Quran.
It is a Maki Surah that the Prophet received in Makkah (SAW).
In this Surah, Allah Almighty has been praised in
great detail. It includes references to all six of Islam’s
fundamental tenets, including the concept of a single God,
prophethood, the afterlife, and the resurrection.
In addition, Allah, the Highest,
has warned unbelievers that they would be
held responsible for their deeds.

Surah Yaseen is being recited, memorized, and heard by
Muslim children all around the world with great
reverence and respect. As our beloved
Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated in multiple sayings,
emphasizing various benefits of its recitation,
that there is a reason for Surah Yaseen’s higher respect.
Here are some justifications for reciting surah Yaseen today.


Surah Yaseen Is known As The Quran’s “Heart”

Our Holy Prophet said (PBUH):

Surah Yaseen Is known As The Quran's "Heart"

So, this shows how important this Surah is,
because if a single word in the Holy Quran has ten benefits,
then the heart of this Holy Book must have even more benefits
. Another thing that is clear from this statement is
that Prophet Muhammad PBUH wanted His people to
remember and learn this Surah because it looks like Him.

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Forgive Our Sins

The Holy Prophet (PBUH), who we love, said:

Forgive Our Sins

Reciting this Surah is without a doubt a great thing to do.
So, we suggest that you read Surah Yaseen every
a night with the intention of pleasing God and with honesty,
because the Prophet said that if you read Yasin Sharif at night,
you won’t have any sins when you wake up the next day.
It’s the strength of the Surah Yaseen.

Marriage Benefits

Surah Yasin can help you get Allah’s help with marriage problems.
This is a well-known fact. Also, this Surah helps us solve
many of the problems we face every day.

For example, if you are worried about your relationship or marriage
. This Surah will help you make it easier for your partner
to pass the test. Surah Yasin will definitely help you figure
out what kind of person your future wife will be.
In this way, it will help you get your thoughts straight.
So, when you find the right person to marry,
you’ll start a new part of your life.
It has been used for a long time because it is the
best Surah for marriage problems.
It will definitely bring Allah’s blessings into your life.

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Greater Benefits

Prophet Holy said:

greater benefits


These Hadith are easy to understand because the Holy
Quran says that reciting Surah Yaseen once is the same
as reciting it many times.
This is just one more reason for a believer to memorize
Surah Yaseen so that he can get amazing gifts whose value is hard to understand.

Meets The Needs Of The Day

Man’s life is like a battle that never ends,
especially when it comes to meeting different needs.
We find out that many people are losing this fight, which is sad.
Today, the world is a scary place for those who lose this fight.
If you need all of Allah’s help in these situations,
make it a habit to read Surah Yaseen at Fajr.
You will be surprised at how easily you handled
all the problems and challenges that day.
Also, Allah SWT will make sure you have everything you need.

Put Ease To Death.

Surah Yasin is a prayer that gives comfort to people who are dying.
So, in a hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW told his friends,
“If someone is dying, read Surah Yaseen for them.”

There is no doubt that the Holy Quran tells us what to do
in every part of life. It keeps us safe from the fires of
Hell and Allah’s anger. Surah Yaseen is the result
of the success of the world and the success of Akhirah.
It gives comfort to the spirit who is leaving and
makes their last journey easier.

During Pregnancy, It Helps

Pregnancy is a hard time for a lot of moms.
During these hard times,
mothers should pray to Allah for help and guidance
for themselves and their unborn children.

Reading Yasin Sharif and saying Dua afterward would
help them both get through this hard time.

Defend Against Enemies

People think that Surah Yaseen is strong because reciting
it can protect us from our enemies.
Above all, it helps you get over any kind of fear.
In reality, Surah Yaseen helps the prisoner,
and if he reads it, he will be let out of jail.

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Give Health Benefits

Without a doubt, health is worth a lot. Of course,
you need good health to live a happy life.
We Muslims believe that our health comes from Allah Almighty.
Several illnesses and disorders that haven’t been
found yet are now putting our health at risk.
We do need good care, but Surah Yaseen
can help us fight our illnesses on a spiritual level.

Surah Yaseen is very helpful for people who are sick or
have serious health problems. Above all,
it also fixes all the problems in the world.
The most important thing is that its strong wazifs
can save people from illnesses they don’t know they have.

 Work As a Way To Make Amends

This means that, as the Prophet (PBUH) promised,
if you read this Surah often, it will be a sign
of your faith and bring you eternal happiness.
Also, the intercessional benefits work in
unexpected ways for those who read it,
to it, write it down, or drink it. So,
no matter how Yasin Sharif is used,
it opens the door for a believer to many blessings and benefits.

What Will Happen If You Read The Quran 10 Times?

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
is said to have said this about this surah:

“If you say Yaseen once, Allah will count it as the same as saying the
Quran ten times.”

So, the Prophet said that reciting Surah Yaseen during the
day gives the believer many good things and rewards.

Help For The Person Who Is Dying

In a hadith, the Holy Prophet told his followers to
“recite Yaseen to those who are dying.”
He also said that if a person has Yaseen,
God will make his death easy, and he won’t have to worry
about the pressure of the grave.
So, a believer who says Surah Yaseen dies peacefully
and goes to Paradise, if Allah wills.

Drink Surah Yaseen To Ease Discomfort

The Holy Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
said, “Whoever writes Surah Yaseen and drinks it after washing
it has brought a thousand kinds of medicine into it,
as well as a thousand kinds of light, certainty, blessing,
and mercy, and it takes away any pain from him.”

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Surah Yaseen 41 Times For Hajat

“Whoever recites Surah Yasin in the morning,
Allah Almighty will take care of his needs,”
said the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Throughout our lives, we have different kinds of needs.
Sometimes it’s easy to meet these needs,
but sometimes it’s hard for us to do so. It is how life works.
We shouldn’t give up. We should keep working hard to
meet the needs of the law. We must keep believing that
Almighty Allah will solve our problems.

Some experts in Islam say that reciting Surah Yasin 41 times will help Hajat.
These scholars say that Allah helps us in all of our different situations.

Reading Surah Yaseen 7 Times

Some experts say that reciting Surah Yasin seven times
each night after Aisha’s prayer helps us pay off our debt.
We need a lot more money than we have for business
and other things. Someone needs to lend us this money.
Later, if something bad happens and we can’t pay our debt,
we’ll be in trouble.

Scholars say we should look to Yasin Sharif for help.
If we say Surah Yasin seven times each night, our lives will change.
With God’s help, we will be able to do everything we need to do.


In short, Yasin Sharif is without a doubt one of the most important,
well-known, and helpful Surahs in the Quran.
So, if a Muslim wants to get all of the benefits of reciting the Quran,
they need to make Surah Yaseen a part of their daily routine.
In this way, learning Surah Yaseen could be very
helpful when it comes to recitation.

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