Surah Yusuf: Benefits and Lessons

Surah Yusuf Benefits And Lessons

Surah Yusuf Benefits And Lessons

NAME: يوسف, Yusuf

The name is given to the whole Surah
because it tells the story of Prophet Yusuf.

4 In one of these stories, Joseph told his father,
“My father, in a dream I did see eleven stars,
the sun, and the moon bowing down to me.”

Joseph is his English name.
Number of Chapters:
has a total of 111 verses. WORD COUNT: 1,795


Mecca, around the years 620 and 622 AD.

Surah Yusuf is the 12th chapter of the Quran,
and Paragraphs 12 and 13 talk about its 111 verses.
It was shown in one sitting at the end of Makkah’s time.
It tells the story of Prophet Yusuf’s (AS)
life in a way that makes sense.
It goes from his childhood and youth
to his time as the king of Egypt.

Ya’qub’s Favorite Son

Yusuf (AS) was Ya’qub’s favorite son (AS).
He told his father about a dream he had one day.
Ya’qub (AS) knew right away that Yusuf
would be a Prophet and told him not to tell his brothers,
who were jealous of him because their father loved him more.

They planned to kill Yusuf (AS) one day,
but instead, they put him in a well.
They told their father that Yusuf (AS)
had been killed by a wolf and showed him his bloody shirt,
which was stained with the blood of a goat.
After a few days, a caravan came and saved Yusuf (AS).
They took him to Egypt and sold him as a slave.
The governor of Egypt bought him and raised him as his son.


When Yusuf (AS) grew up and became a very handsome
young man, the governor’s wife Zulaikha tried
to seduce him, but he refused.
When he turned her down,
Zulaikha thought he was trying to seduce her.
Even if Yusuf (AS) wasn’t guilty,
he was locked up to stop this scandal.

Yusuf (AS) was lucky to be able to figure out what
the dreams meant. He helped a prisoner get
out of jail by telling him what his dream meant.
Yusuf (AS) asked him to tell the King about his skills.
King had a dream one night in which a prisoner
talked about Yusuf (AS). He figured out what the
King’s dream meant, which was that Egypt would
have a drought for seven years. As a reward,
the King let him go. Yusuf (AS) asked for his case to be looked into,
and it was found that he was innocent.
Then, he was given a very important job in the government.

During the drought and famine, when he was in charge
of all the grain in Egypt, he saw his brothers when they
came to buy grain for their families.
Since he was in a high position,
he asked them to bring their youngest brother
Binyamin the next time so that they could get the full amount of grain.

On the way back with Binyamin,
Yusuf (AS) told him who he was and planned to frame
him for a robbery so he could stay with him.
On their third trip back, when Yusuf (AS) told them who he was,
they were sorry and asked him to forgive them.
Yusuf (AS) completely forgave them and asked
them to bring his father Ya’qub (AS) to Egypt so he could live with him.

Surah Yusuf’s Asbab Al Nuzul

Before migrating to Madinah,
the surah was revealed in Makkah.
It was named “Aamhunhuzn” after the year it was unveiled
(The year of Sorrow). Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lost his
wife and spouse, Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her),
as well as his loving uncle, Abu Talib, this year.

He was devastated by their deaths because they were
the persons who had safeguarded and
motivated him during his journey of preaching Islam.
Later on, while preaching Islam,
he encountered several difficulties. As a result, he
traveled to Taif. Instead of embracing him,
the people of Taif flung rocks at him and
chased him out of town. He was wounded
and bleeding, and all he had left was a disappointment.

Then Allah (SWT) revealed this surah to
strengthen his (SAW) soul, heart, and spirit,
as well as to comfort him during his
period of melancholy and sorrow.
Allah (SWT) reminded him of the great prophets
and their suffering, and that he should follow in their footsteps.


The message of the surah Yusuf is one of patience,
reliance on Allah (SWT), his help and support,
and the strength to face adversity and betrayal.
In the surah, Allah (SWT) promises to support his
messengers in their time of need. “And when
the messengers despaired and their people thought the
messengers had been denied rescue,”
He declares at the end of surah Yusuf. Finally,
they received our assistance.
We then saved whomever we pleased,
and the wicked will never escape our wrath.”

The fascinating story of Yusuf (AS) emphasizes us the
necessity of having great confidence in Allah as the Prophets did.
It offers lessons on Allah’s divine might,
the character of a Muslim, courage, and confidence
to face adversity, keep dreams hidden to avoid jealousy and evil eyes,
and seek refuge in Allah. It emphasizes the value of honesty,
integrity, forgiveness, and patience.
The main moral of the narrative is to have complete trust in Allah’s plan and will.

Surah Yusuf Benefits

Every surah of the Quran has amazing and healing things
for those who read it. Surah Yusuf is very helpful for
people who say it every day. Allah calls this surah
“the best of stories.” At the beginning of this surah,
He says, “We tell you, O Prophet, the best of
the stories through this Quran, even though you had never heard them before.”

When people read surah Yusuf, it takes away the
jealousy in their hearts. When they die,
Allah will also ease the pain of those who recite surah Yusuf
(sakarat al mawt). The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,
“Teach your family members how to recite Surah Yusuf.
Whoever recites it or teaches it to his family and slaves,
Allah will ease his pain in death and give him
the strength to keep him from being jealous of a fellow Muslim.”

People who say this surah on the Day of Judgment will be
raised with the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf (AS).
They will not have to worry about that day.
Also, this surah helps people deal with their deepest
thoughts and desires, which is the hardest thing to do.
It also helps people be patient, stay strong, and deal with pain.
It tells those who say it to forgive and show mercy so
that Allah will respect them. Also,
people who say this surah get Allah’s blessings and mercy (SWT).

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Surah Yusuf Brief Commentary & Background

This Surah has 111 verses that are split into 12 sections called Rukus.
This Surah was shown to Muhammad in Mecca when
he was being persecuted severely and when
Meccans were making plans to kill or exile Muhammad.

The Messenger of Allah said,
“Teach your family how to read Surah Yusuf,
because if a Muslim reads it or teaches it to his family or slaves,
Allah will ease his pain in death and give him
the strength to keep him from being jealous of another Muslim.”

Traditions say that this Surah was revealed in response to
a question that Meccans asked Prophet Muhammad on
the advice of a Jew about Prophet Yusuf and why Israelites
came to Egypt as a test to embarrass him. As of that time,

the Prophet had never told a Surah of the Quran that mentioned
Joseph/name Yusuf’s or story. The point is to show him
up since Arabs didn’t know about Joseph/story Yusuf before that.

Surah Yusuf

So, Surah Yusuf began with that, and verse 7 says that there
are signs in this story for those who want to know more.
This verse of the Quran is miraculous not only because it
makes predictions, but also because it has the number
7. I’ll tell you. In this verse of Surah Yusuf, there are seven prophecies.
Is shown by the fact that the word “is used as a plural here, i.e. “signs.”
And history has shown that every sign has come true.

I’m going to list just a few of these miraculous signs:
1-The first sign of the Meccans is the way they treat Muhammad,
their brother in the same way that Yusuf’s brothers treated him.
2-Second, just like Yusuf’s brothers planned to kill him,
Meccans planned to kill Muhammad a few months after this Surah.
3-Third, the Meccans failed in their plans to kill Muhammad,
just like Yusuf’s brother failed to kill him, and God saved Muhammad.
4-Fourth: Just like Yusuf, Muhammad went to a different city or part of Egypt.
5-Fifth, just as Yusuf gained power in Egypt and God made him a ruler,
Muhammad, who was being persecuted in
Mecca who was very weak and helpless
became a spiritual and political leader just a few months after moving to Madina.
6-Sixth: Just as Yusuf won and ruled over his brothers, so did Prophet Muhammad.

In the year 570, Muhammad was born to Abdullah and
Aminah bint Wahb. A family of Adnani Arabs is are direct descendants of Ishmael


To get the many benefits of surah Yusuf and to live by the
lessons it teaches, one must read it every day with
a deep understanding of what it means.
May Allah (SWT) give us all the gift of being able to
read and remember the Quran and give us all the benefits of it. Ameen

Prophet Muhammad took over Mecca and ruled over them in just 10 years.
7th: Last but certainly not least At the time Mecca was
taken over, just like in verses 91 and 92,
Yusuf’s brothers asked for forgiveness,
and Yusuf gave it to them. Prophet asked the Meccans,
What do you think I should do to you now?
“You are a kind brother and the son of a kind brother,”
they said. Prophet replied,
“I’ll tell you the same thing that Joseph told his brothers:
“No shame on you today.” May Allah forgive you,
and remember that He is the Most Merciful of Merciful People.

Surah Yusuf’s 16 Stunning Lessons Will Change Your Life!

Lessons from the Book of Joseph. During the year of sorrow,
God showed Prophet Muhammad PBUH Surah Yusuf (aam-ul- huzn.)
This year was called the “year of regret”
because Prophet Muhammad PBUH lost his beloved
wife Hazrat Khadijah and his uncle Abu Talib,
and also because the incident of Ta’if happened in the same year.

This Surah was shown to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to
make him feel better, and it shows in a beautiful way
that Allah is with the patient. But if you read this surah
with an English translation,
you’ll see that it’s full of the most beautiful lessons about life.

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Relationship Between Father And Child

This Surah tells about a beautiful relationship between a
child and his father. Hazrat Yakub (AS) had nothing but
love for his beautiful son Hazrat Yusuf.
He was Yakub’s 11th son and his shadow.
He was the most loved child, and he took after his father
in almost every good way. Yakub AS always protected
him from dangers and the hatred of his brother.
Prophet Joseph told his father about his dream and told him a secret,
which shows that he trusted and loved his father.
When Yusuf’s brothers threw him in the well,
Yakub cried so hard for his beloved son that he lost his sight.
He never gave up hope that his son would come back,
and he always prayed to Allah.
So, this Surah teaches us to always be there for our children and to trust them.

Protecting The Blessings

Allah SWT has given us so many blessings.
This beautiful Surah tells us to keep our blessings and
successes to ourselves and not tell anyone else about them.
When you show them off to others and
talk about them in public, you invite the evil eye
and looks of envy. Yakub AS figured out what Joseph’s dream meant,
in which the Sun, Moon, and 11 stars bowed down to him.
He told Joseph that he would be a Prophet like his father.
But he told him to keep it a secret from his brothers and
other people because jealousy is a human emotion that
can destroy anyone’s faith, even the faith of the sons of a prophet.
This shows that jealousy and the evil eye are real and that we need to protect ourselves.

Allah’s Plans Are Bigger Than What People Think They Can Do

In the Quran, Allah says that He is the best at making plans
. We plan and organize our lives,
but we forget that He is the only one who makes it all possible.
He makes sure that our plans go the way He wants.
The brothers of Yusuf (AS) planned to throw him
in the well to get him away from Yakub (AS),
but Allah (the Almighty) had other plans for Yusuf.
He was pulled out of the well by a group of people
with the help of Allah SWT. Then he was sold to Aziz of Egypt,
who raised him like he was his son.
When Aziz’s wife and other women tried to get Yusuf
to sleep with them, he turned them down and asked Allah for help.
Zulekha said that Joseph was to blame,
so he was put in jail. But after many years,
Zulekha’s plots and schemes fell apart in the face
of the truth. Yusuf’s innocence was shown to be true.
God is the best planner, no doubt.

Feeling Of Jealousy

Jealousy is a complicated feeling.
It breaks a person’s character and upsets his
peace of mind. It happens when someone
else is better and more successful,
and the mantra of a jealous person is
“If I can’t have it, no one else can either.”
He can never be happy for someone else’s happiness or success,
and in Islam, jealousy is the most forbidden emotion
because it eats away at a person’s faith and corrupts
his heart and soul. It makes a person forget all the good
things in his life and focus on all the bad things. Just like how
Yusuf’s brothers were jealous of him being with Yakub and
tried to break them up. Because they hated and were jealous
of Yusuf, they couldn’t see the blessings they had and forgot
that they were the sons of a prophet. They acted on their jealousy,
which shaytan made them feel, and it caused them
trouble and made Yakub stop respecting them.

Putting All Your Trust In Allah

We don’t need anything else besides Allah.
He says that he will listen to our prayers and earnest requests.
When things go wrong, we should put all of our trust in Allah SWT,
the creator, and when we do that,
He never lets us down. We shouldn’t just say it;
we should believe in our hearts that He will
hear us. We need to have faith in Yusuf AS because he
had faith in God even when things were bad.
He knew that only Allah could save him from the darkness
when he was in the well. Yusuf AS had always and strongly
believed that Allah would help him,
even when Zulekha tried to convince him otherwise
and when he was in prison.
He held on tight to his faith in Allah,
and his faith never broke.
It was his trust and faith in Allah that kept him safe through all of his troubles.

Patience Against Adversities

For a Muslim, Dunya is a place full of hard times and problems.
He needs to have a firm grip on the rope of patience
and trust in Allah SWT to get through them.
Allah says in the Quran that He is close to
His creatures and is with those who are patient,
and He has shown us this with different examples
of His special people in the Quran. In the same way,
Yusuf and his father Yakub become the best examples
of Sabr in this Surah, even though they are
going through hard times.
This is a beautiful example for Muslims today.

Yakub’s Patience

Yakub loved his son Yusuf AS very much,
and it broke his heart when his other sons were
jealous of him and killed him. His loss was big,
but he knew that Allah was bigger and that
He would give him Sabr. He put the matter in
Allah’s hands because he had a lot of patience
and strong faith in Allah. When he lost his other son,
Benjamin, to his brothers,
made him think of Yusuf and made his heart hurt even more.
But even at this point,
it was only his patience that kept him together
and gave him hope that both of his sons would come back.

The Yusuf’s Patience

Yusuf AS had to go through hard times because
his brothers threw him into a dark well,
but that didn’t make him lose his patience or faith in Allah SWT.
He had been in prison for a long time
because he didn’t lose his modesty and chastity
when Zulekha tried to seduce him and wrongly blamed him.
He never thought about getting back at his brothers or Zulekha,
and he always put his trust in Allah.
His faith and patience helped him get through everything,
and Allah made him King Aziz of Egypt.

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Between a Man And a Woman Pardah

In Surah Yusuf, it says that Aziz’s wife Zulekha met
Yusuf AS and that she was blown away by his beauty
and handsome face. Zulekha did everything she could
to get him to fall in love with her, but he was a good man
who turned her down and asked Allah for help. In Islam,
this situation shows that there is Pardah between a
man and a woman. If a namehram man and a namehram woman
are alone, Shaytan is always between them.
This is why Allah told us to keep Pardah.

Looking At Tense Situations

Every system has grown and changed over the years in
the modern world. But the Quran is just as important
and teaches us everything we need to know.
This beautiful Surah tells us how to look at tough situations that
need fair decisions. Zulekha wrongly blamed Yusuf AS,
so Aziz decided to send Yusuf to prison after a wise man
told him to think about the situation logically.
He said that if Yusuf’s shirt was torn
in the back, he shouldn’t be blamed,
but if it was torn in the front,
he should be. Since his back shirt was torn,
the case had to go in his favor.

The Truth Will Always Win

When Zulekha decided to show the women who talked
about her character and how beautiful Yusuf was, they were so shocked
by his beauty that they cut themselves.
They tried to get Yusuf to fall in love with them, but
he didn’t give up his faith and Iman. Instead, he turned to Allah for help.
He was wrongly blamed again, so he was put in jail. After a long time,
when the king of Egypt had a dream and wanted to know what
it meant, the cupbearer who had been in prison with
Yusuf knew he could understand dreams suggested his
name. Yusuf was given freedom after the dream was figured out,
but he turned it down. As he wanted to show that he was not guilty.
The woman was blamed, but Zulekha took the blame,
and Yusuf’s truth came out. No matter how bad things may seem,
the truth will always come out in the end.

Yusuf Is An Example Of a Person In Charge

Yusuf AS was put in charge of the Egyptian kingdom’s finance department.
The food had to be stored because the king had a dream
that after seven years of drought, there would be seven years
of blessings and then seven years of rain.
Yusuf AS took care of things and made sure there was
enough food for the first seven years.
When the hard seven years came,
he gave the people the food he had stored up. He
never thought about himself or going back to his own country.
Instead, he only cared about the people and the country.
He set an example that people in an Islamic government
should follow by working for the good of the people, just like Yusuf.

Kindness And Care For Others

This amazing and beautiful Surah tells us to be kind and
caring to everyone, even our enemies and people
who have hurt us. Yusuf is the best example because
when his brothers came to Egypt,
he reminded them to be kind. He never considered
getting back at them, hurting them, or making fun of them.
He was nice to them and later forgot about them.

Try To Forget

Islam encourages people to forgive even though it is hard.
Allah SWT loves it when we forgive people who have hurt us.
Yusuf AS’s willingness to forgive his brothers teaches
us that if a Nabi who was treated so badly by his brothers
can forgive them and show kindness and compassion,
then we should be able to follow his and other Nabi and Rasool’s example
and forgive those who hurt us.
For Muslims, forgiveness is excellent quality.

Situation Of Parents

In Islam, the status of parents has been given a lot of attention.
In this Surah, it says that Yusuf AS respected his parents
no matter what. He never did anything to hurt them
and always loved them no matter what.
Even though he had a job in Egypt,
he treated his parents with the utmost
love and respect and let them sit on the throne.

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Don’t Give Up On Allah’s Mercy

Allah’s mercy is the best thing in the world.
He is the most merciful, and He says in the Quran
that we should never give up hope because
He makes a way for us even when things don’t look good.
Yakub never gave up on Allah’s kindness.
He was sure his sons would return to him in the end.
Allah gave him his sons back to him as a reward for his Sabr.

Gratitude To Allah For His Gifts

Shukr means being thankful to Allah SWT for the
good things He does for us. It is an important part of the religion,
and Allah SWT loves thankful people.
Allah promised in the Quran that he would give his people
more if they were grateful to him. In the same way,
this Surah teaches us a beautiful lesson:
we should always be thankful to Allah, no matter what.
For example, when Yusuf’s family was all around him,
he thanked Allah SWT for everything and every
blessing because it was Allah who made it all possible.

There’s Ease In Hardship

The story of Yusuf AS shows how to be patient, tolerant,
forgiving, and have faith and Iman.
Yusuf AS had to go through a lot of hard times,
but he never complained to his God. He was always
patient because he knew that God would get him
out of the well and then out of prison.
After losing his beloved son Yusuf, his father Yakub was
sure that God would bring them back together.
After going through hard times, both of them were given the ease by Allah,
the only God. When things are hard, they get better.

Surah Yusuf Teaches Us Even More

So many more things can be learned from this Surah.
In a quick list of bullet points, here are some of these:

1. Yusuf (AS) would rather go to jail than
disobey Allah and have his reputation ruined.

2. Even when he was in jail, he kept a positive
attitude and didn’t stop believing at Allah
would help him. He didn’t get down on himself.

3. Even though things were bad, Yusuf (AS) didn’t
miss the chance to spread the religion and love
of Allah to his fellow prisoners,
who at the time were worshipping other gods.

4. When it was time for him to be quiet, he was quiet.
But when it was his turn to talk, like when he was about
to be set free, he did so loudly and clearly.
He first worked to fix his reputation and let people know
they were lying about him.
This shows that if you’re telling the truth
Allah will give you a chance to be heard.

5. Even when he was on top, Yusuf (AS) was still a humble person.
He told his brothers what they had done wrong
and could have punished them, but he didn’t.
Only good things came up when he talked.

6. He taught a very important lesson by saying that
anyone who has taqwa (fear of Allah) and patience
will not lose the reward for their good deeds.

May Allah help us see the beauty of Surah Yusuf,
which has no end.

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