Is It Possible To Marry In Safar or Muharram?

Is It Possible To Marry In Safar or Muharram?

Is It Possible To Marry In Safar or Muharram?


No law forbids marriage in Safar,
Muharram, or any other month.
Because Allah created time, the Prophet
(peace be upon him) warned us not
to curse it because doing so is equivalent to blaming Allah.

The rumor that bad things happen during
the months of Safar and Muharram are not true.
When someone asked Aishah if it
was true that getting married in the month of Safar
would bring bad luck, she said that the Prophet (PBUH)
had married her in that month and that she was
the luckiest woman because she had married the Messenger of Allah.

Why Marriage is Important in Islam

One of God’s many great gifts to us is that He made
us all from a single soul, and then from that soul,
He made his mate,
who looks beautiful and desirable to him.
He gets pleasure from being close to her,
she brings him solace, comfort,
and the fullness of Allah’s blessings,
and he gets pleasure from their children and other
offspring. Adultery is against Islam and
marriage is encouraged. Also,
in the true Islamic religion,
being single is not seen as a sign of being religious.
Also, Islam has a very simple way
of getting married and makes it hard to be lewd, rude,
or commit adultery.
Marriage shouldn’t be put off for no reason.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “O Ali! For a single lady,
three things cannot wait: Salat (prayer) when it’s due,
the funeral upon presentation,
and (marriage) when a suitable partner is found.

(At-Tirmidhi 1075).

The Month of Muharram

Muhammad’s (PBUH) migration from Makkah to Madinah
is celebrated in the month of Muharram,
the first month of the Islamic calendar.
According to Almighty Allah in the Glorious Quran,
it is one of the four sacred months,
whose sanctity and sacredness is guaranteed.

Allah says, “In fact, there are twelve [lunar] months in
the book of Allah, starting from the day
He made the heavens and the earth.
Four of these months are holy.
That religion is right,
so don’t do anything wrong during them.”

(At-Taubah 9:36).

Also, the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet
confirms that this month is holy (PBUH).

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said,
“Time is back to the way it was when Allah made
the heavens and earth. The year has 12 months,
and four of them are holy.
Three of these months come right after each other:
Dhul-Qadah, Dhul-Hijjah, and Muharram.
The Rajab of Mudar comes between Jumada and Shaban.

(Al-Bukhari 3197)

The Month of Safar

It comes after Muharram, but the Islamic calendar doesn’t
count it as a holy month.
We’ve heard from people and in our society that
if you’re not in this group,
it doesn’t mean you’re cursed or doomed.
The name “Safar” comes from the fact that Makkah
lost all of its people during this month,
and the tribes that fought each other would
leave their opponents with nothing.
The people of Makkah who believed in more than
one god thought that this month was bad luck.
A few people who became Muslims kept this tradition that they knew well.
But the Prophet (PBUH) made it clear that this was not true in the following words: