Surah Fatiha 7 Secrets with Benefits and Translation

Surah Fatiha 7 Secrets with Benefits and Translation

Surah Fatiha has seven secrets

that will help you in your life. 

Surah Fatiha will be

translated for you so that you can better

understand it Surah Fatiha contains seven mysteries that everyone should be aware of.

1. Fatiha is the most important chapter in the Quran.

It is Allah’s dua, which he taught to the people Prophet

Muhammad PBUH promised his companion

that he would teach him the most important chapter in

the Holy Quran, and he did, Surah Fatiha.

(Source: Sahih al Bukhari)

2. It is a Salah pillar.

If a person does not recite Surah Fatihah in his prayer (Salah),

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared that his prayer (Salah) becomes INVALID.

(Source: Tirmidhi)

3. This surah is a disease-curing surah.

After a scorpion sting, a companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

recited Surah Fatiha, and after seeing this, Prophet Muhammad PBUH

commanded him, “How did you know it was a Cure (Ruqyah)?”

(Source: Sahih al Bukhari)

4. It was sent as light from Heaven.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was contacted by an angel

who inquired about it,

to which Prophet Muhammad PBUH replied

that there are two lights from

heaven, one of which is Fatiha and the other is Baqarah.

(Source: Sahih al Bukhari)

5. This surah is the Quran’s Mother Surah.

Fatiha Surah, in line with Prophet Muhammad PBUH, is that the Mother

of the religious text, the Mother of the Book, and also the seven perennial

verses of it area unit the good Recitation.

(Source: Tirmidhi)

6. There are seven verses in

this Surah that are frequently repeated.

It is one of the seven verses that are frequently repeated, and it is also stated in

Surah Al Hijr Verse 87.

Surah Al Hijr Verse 87.


7. This surah is a heart healer.

This surah offers a prayer that guards against Allah’s wrath and misguidance.

This also protects our hearts from all kinds of negative thoughts.

Surah Translation The English

translation of  Surah is given below.


Surah Fatiha Benefits

Because it contains a treatment for the disease, this surah is

known as As-Shifa. This surah is perfect for you if you’re in debt or

confronting poverty; you must repeat it. It also protects us from the Enemy’s

anxieties, envy, and the evil eye.

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