Dua Yunus

Dua Yunus

Dua Yunus



Dua Yunus

Dua Yunus, In the Qur’an, Prophet Yunus (as) is called “Dhul nun,”
which means “the fish’s friend” or “the fish’s man.”

He got this name because he didn’t do what Allah told him to do.
Allah sent a whale to come and eat him up as a punishment.
To sum up the story of Yunus (as) in a few words,
Allah chose him to lead the lost people of Nineveh,
which is now known
as Northern Iraq. dua yunus, dhul nun

This lost community was to be led back to Allah and
Islam by Allah’s explicit instructions.
But, as with all the Prophets before him,
he encountered opposition and saw his message rejected.
Later, Yunus (as) concluded that saving one
community was not enough; he needed to save
many others as well. It’s possible that he’d spend less
time here if they weren’t open to his message.
As a result, he decided to leave. ‘…ran away
to the laden ship’ is how Surah Saffat Yunus puts it. (37:140).


When the storm came, they discovered that their ship
was gradually sinking because it was “laden,”
which refers to fully loaded or heavy. dua yunus, dhul nun
They gradually threw their luggage overboard to
try and lighten the load, but the ship was still far too full.

After they had thrown everything off they realized
that throwing a man overboard was the only way to save the ship.

Since no one wanted to volunteer,
they concluded that a game where
everyone had an equal chance of losing,
such as drawing names out of a hat or using straws,
would be the fairest way to determine who would be kicked off.

“And he drew lots and was among the losers,
was the first thing said
about Yunus. (37:141)
Yunus (as) was liked by
the ship’s crew because
of his kind demeanor as well as his religious beliefs.
They drew twice more. dua yunus, dhul nun
This was a sign from Allah that Yunus (as)
would not be able to escape each time his
name was drawn. Within a short period,
he found himself fighting for his life
on the choppy seas. As a result of Allah’s command,
the whale surfaced and swallowed the Prophet in its entirety


The verse in the Qur’an says that he was in “darknesses,”
which means he was in layers of darkness.
The first darkness was night,
the second darkness was deep in the ocean,
and the third darkness was inside the whale’s stomach,
where he was suffocating. In this darkness,
he cried out to Allah, “There is no god but You;
you are the most important.” I have
been one of the bad guys.” (21:87) dua yunus, dhul nun
We’re told that Prophet Yunus (as)
built a lot of goodwill because he always remembered
and worshipped Allah. Now, when he needed Allah’s help the most,
Allah answered: “So We answered him and saved him from
his trouble.” So We save those who believe.” (21:88)

The Goodness of This Dua

The Prophet said “The prayer of my brother Dhul-Nun
No one has the right to
be worshipped except You
Glory be to You
far from any imperfection, You are
I have been among the wrongdoers,
is used by no one in trouble
unless Allah helps him out of it.

What makes this Dua Yunus different?

Ibn Taymiyyah said this in response:

This prayer has the servant talk about his situation
which shows that he needs forgiveness. dua Yunus, the nun
It also has a description of the Lord that says no
one can reach this goal but Him
an explicit request for forgiveness
and a description of the Lord as the All-Forgiving and Most Merciful
which are the qualities that must be true for the request
to be granted. So this prayer and others like it are among the best ways to ask.

What Does It Take to Forgive?

Ibn Taymiyyah said:

If someone admits their sin out of respect for Allah
but not because they want to stop doing it
they are just asking for forgiveness.
This is not the same thing as repenting.
This is like a person who asks Allah to forgive his sin
but hasn’t turned away from it. dua yunus, dhul nun
You can’t be sure that Allah will forgive him because he’s just making a request.