Waqia Karbala – Battle Of Karbala – History Of Karbala

Waqia Karbala – Battle Of Karbala – History Of Karbala


Waqia Karbala - Battle Of Karbala - History Of Karbala

Karbala is where a battle took place on 10 Muharram 61 AH between
 a small group of Hussain bin Ali’s supporters and relatives and a
much larger force led by Yazeed I, the Umayyad caliph. It is where Hussain died.
When Muawiyah died in 60AH, he was replaced by his son Yazeed.
Yazeed had just turned thirty. Because Yazeed had done wrong,
the Muslim community was not happy with his appointment.

Not all of the cities that were ruled by Muslims swore allegiance to Yazeed.
On the contrary, there were many people who didn’t want to follow him.
Because of this, the Muslims split into two groups.
Hussain and Abdullah bin Zubair both thought that
Yazeed should be confronted and taken out of the picture.
While Abdullah bin Umar and Abdullah bin Abbas
were unsure about this,
not because they didn’t think Yazeed had done
anything wrong, but because they were afraid
of the fighting that would happen after the confrontation.

Yazeed was based in the Syrian city of Damascus. At that time,
Kufa was one of the most important cities in Iraq.
People in Kufa asked Hussain to get rid of Yazeed
and bring everyone in the ummah together.
They told him that they would be loyal to him.
During this time,
they sent him a huge number of letters.
Hussain was in Makkah when this happened.

Waqia Karbala


Hussain  sent his cousin Muslim ibn Aqeel ibn Abi Talib
to figure out what was going on.
When Muslim ibn Aqeel got to Kufa,
people started swearing their loyalty to Hussain at his hands.
He wrote back that your name is being said all over
the city and that you should come right away.
Hussain left with his immediate family and
a lot of other relatives and friends from far away.
Abdullah bin Abbas tried to stop him.
He did this not because he liked Yazeed,
but because he knew how treacherous the
people of Kufa were.

They had already betrayed Husain’s father Ali 
Hussain, on the other hand, left. Along the way,
he heard that things had gone from bad to worse in Kufa.
Yazeed sent a message from Damascus to change the governor,
and he told the new governor, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad,
to be tough on his enemies. Battle Of Karbala

 Muslim ibn Aqeel

He caught Muslim ibn Aqeel and killed him.
After that, people gave up on Hussain and turned against him.

An army was sent to capture or kill Hussain and his caravan.
They surrounded him and stopped him from moving.

He reminded them of the invitation and showed them their letters.
But they refused to answer those letters.
He asked them to rest on the night before Aashura.
This happened to be the night before Friday.
He told his caravan to spend the night worshipping
and praying. He also spent time in worship.
He told his sister Zainab not to cry after he
died because his death would help him rise in the ranks. Waqia Karbala

He laid down for a while and saw his grandfather,
the prophet, in a dream (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
He told him to wait, and he told him that he would be joining them soon.

The army attacked the caravan the next morning.
Hussain’s family and friends tried to protect him,
but they were outnumbered. Waqia Karbala

Four thousand well-armed soldiers made up the opposing army,
while the caravan had no more than a hundred men,
plus some children and women.
They were being killed one by one. Hussain was brave like his father,
and he was also fighting until he was left alone.
They had been fighting from early morning until late afternoon
when Jummah started. Because they were on the road,
they had to pray the Zohar. Waqia Karbala
Hussain asked for a break so that they could pray to Salah,
but they didn’t let him. So,
he prayed to Zohar Salaah while pointing to the sky (inshallah).


At this point, he was very thirsty and wanted to drink from
the nearby river. But when he got close to the water,
someone bad shot an arrow at him,
stopping him from drinking. Waqia Karbala

He was very weak because blood was leaking from his wounds,
and he cursed at this point. He said,
“May you die of thirst, too.” And it turned out that the
attacker died of a disease that made him thirsty
and wouldn’t go away no matter how much water he drank.

No one was brave enough to attack him straight out.
They would come up to him in groups,
shoot arrows from far away,
and run away when he turned to face them.
They all decided to set up a trap for him.
Shimr Zil Jawshan then hit his head,
and other people cut it off his body.
Some nasty people rode their horses over his dead body
after he was killed. Inna lillallahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raajioon.

Hussain gave his life so that Haqq could be established (truth).
Even though they made proposals and promises,
he did not give in to lies.
The people who hurt him didn’t stop there;
they also tried to kill the children.
Imam Zainul Abideen was sick and couldn’t attend.
So, he had to stay in the tent with the women.
The enemies did break into the tents and try to kill him,
but his aunt Zainab grabbed him and yelled at them,
so they ran away. Waqia Karbala


Hussain’s head was cut off and taken to the governor of Kufa,
Ubaidullah Ibn Ziyad.
He used a stick to touch the lips and then said
how beautiful the face was.
One old sahabi who was there couldn’t take
it any longer and said,
“Don’t do that! I saw the
Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam kissing that face.”

The head was cut off, and the rest of the family was sent
to Yazeed in Damascus.
He seemed to feel bad about killing.
Allah knows that he was honest.
The family was sent back to Madinah Munawwarah.

The order from Allah is amazing. Six years after that,
on the same day of Aashura in the year 67AH,
Ubaidullah Ibn Ziyad was killed.
Mukhtar Ibn Abi Ubaid ath-Thaqafi saw his head
after it had been cut off. A small snake came
out of his mouth and went back in through his nose.
It kept doing this for a while, then went inside.

Even though Hussain and many of their relatives
died in a tragic way, the Ahle Bayt stayed very calm.
When they got back to Madinah Munawwarah,
people everywhere were crying.

Yazeed and the killers didn’t stay around for long.
All of the murderers had terrible lives for the rest
of their lives and died very quickly.
Yazeed also died after only three years.
May Allah Ta’ala treat him the
the way he deserves to be treated.

The Abdullah bin Abbas

Abdullah bin Abbas was in Makkah when Hussain
was killed.
He was sleeping when he had a dream about the
Prophet (may Allah bless and keep him).
He had a bottle of blood in his hands and his hair was all messed up.
Ibn Abbas asked the Prophet,
“Where did Hussain die?” The Prophet (peace and blessings
of Allah be upon him) said,
“I just went to the place where Hussain died. Battle Of Karbala

I gathered this blood to give to Allah’s court on the Day of Judgment.”
Abu Uthman Nahdi moved from Kufa to Basra, saying,
“I can’t stay in a city where the grandson of the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was killed.
” Another Tabi’ee said,
“If I was part of the army that killed Hussain and I
could go to Jannah, I would still feel ashamed of myself.”

Some stories say that on that fateful day in Karbala
the sky turned black all of a sudden.
Some people also say that when they turned a
stone in Bayt al-Maqdis, they could see
blood underneath it. [Isaba]

 Imam Shafi’ee 

It was a very sad thing. Imam Shafi’ee
has written poetry about Hussain’s death on the cross in
which he says that Hussain was completely innocent.
He says, “Killed for no good reason.
His shirt was so red that it
looked like it had been dyed red.

For Muhammad’s family,
the world fell apart.

The huge mountains were just about to melt.

How Ajeeb? People from Banu Hashim send
peace and blessings to the Prophet and then kill his children!”

The Ahle Bayt went about their daily lives.
The Ummah changed.
The attackers were hurt in this world,
and they will be hurt in the next.

It doesn’t help to keep crying and crying over this tragedy
. There are many new ideas and lies about Hussain‘s
death that we shouldn’t take part in or admire.
Instead, we should learn from the sacrifices
of the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him),
his family, and his companions and apply them to our own lives.
Waqia Karbala