Imam Hussain Shrine – Roza

Imam Hussain Shrine – Roza

roza imam hussainImam Hussain Shrine (Source By Flickr)

This is where Hussain was laid to rest in Karbala.
He was the son of Ali (RA) and the grandson of Muhammad (PBUH).

Hussain (رضي الله عنه) was born in Sha’baan 4AH.
He was taken to the Prophet,
who was very happy to see him.
He chewed up a date and put it in the baby’s mouth.
The baby then started sucking on the date.
The first thing he ate was the blessed saliva of the Prophet.

He then said the adhan and maqamat in his ears and gave
him the name Hussain. On the seventh day,
he told them to shave their heads and give an amount
of silver called Sadaqa equal to the weight of their hair.
After that, he did aqeeqah (sacrificed two goats for him).

Imam Hussain Shrine

Hussain was taken care of and breastfed by
Ummul Fadhl Radiallahu,
who was married to the Prophet’s uncle Abbas?
She talks about a time when the Prophet was happy
and he was holding Hussain on his lap.
He began to cry out of the blue.
She asked what was going on. He said,
“Jibreel just told me that my Ummah will kill this son
I love.” [Bayhaqi]

In a hadith, the Prophet said,

“Hussain is mine,
and I am Hussain’s. God bless the person who loves Hussain
Hussain is a very powerful grandson.” [Ibn Majah]

Hussain says that his grandfather,
the Prophet, said,
“A person’s Imaan is beautiful when
he puts aside things that don’t concern him.”

Ibn Kathir says, “Sayyiduna Abu Bakr,
may Allah be pleased with him,
used to treat the Prophet’s family with great respect.
He used to love, care for,
and pay extra attention to Hussain.

The same thing happened to Sayyiduna Umar and Uthman “.
[Al-Bidayah, Tajalliyate Safdar]

When Princess Sheherbaanu, the daughter of Kisra,
was brought to Madinah Munawwarah as a prisoner
, Umar  said, “She is only good for Hussain.” Hussain
set her free and married her after he got her from him.
She gave birth to his son, Ali Ibn Al Hussain,
who later became known as Imam Zain al-Abideen
because of how beautifully he worshipped.

Imam Hussain Shrine

Hussain was still growing up when
Abu Bakr and Umar were caliphs.
During the Uthmani caliphate, in 26 AH,
he helped take over Tripoli.
He helped win that victory and many others
that came after it. In 30 AH, he helped Saeed Ibn Al-Aas
take over Tabristaan. After that,
he helped him take over Jurjaan.

In 34 AH, when rebels surrounded Uthman’s
home and were hungry for his blood,
this brave prince and a group of young people
gave their lives to save him.
They would stand by the door and protect his house,
which would make the rebels go away.
Even though they were asked over and over
to kill the rebels and had the power to do so,
Uthman told them not to shed a single drop of blood
for his protection. In the end,
the rebels jumped the walls and broke into
the neighbors’ property. After that they killed Uthman.


After Uthman was killed the Muhajireen and the
Ansar swore allegiance to Ali.
During the five years that his father was caliph
Hussain was by his side.
He was a very respectful and obedient son,
and he fought in the famous
battles of Jamal and Siffeen.

After his father died,
he looked up to his older brother Hassan
as a father figure. He was always with him and
talked to him about important things.

Hasan gave Muawiyah control of the
government after he had been khalifa
for only six months. Muawiyah
showed Ahle Bayt the highest level of respect.
Sayyiduna Hasan and Hussain
were to get an allowance of 100,000 per year.
When they would go to Shaam or Muawiyah
would come to Madinah,
they would be kind and generous to each other.

When Hassan died in the year 50 AH, Hussain became
the oldest member of the prophetic family.
At that time, he was the best person in the world.
Once, Abdullah bin ‘Amr ibn al-Aas was sitting near
the Ka’ba in the Haram Shareef when Hussain came in.
He looked at his beautiful face and said,
“Of all the people on this earth, this one is the one the
angels of heaven love the most. “Imam Hussain Shrine
When Abdullah Ibn Abbas rode Husain’s horse,
he was proud to hold on to the stirrup of Husain’s saddle.

Hussain (رضي الله عنه) was martyred in Karbala
in 10 Muharram 61AH. He was 57 years old.

Popularity and Martyrdom

Karbala was first a place where no one lived and
no buildings were built, even though it had a
lot of water and good soil.
After Imam Husayn [a] was killed on the
10th of Muharram 61 AH (680 AD),
people from far away and nearby tribes began
going to his holy grave to pay their respects.
Many of the people who came stayed and/or asked
their families to bury them there when they died.

Even though rulers like Al-Rashid and Al-Mutawakkil
tried to stop this area from growing,
it has grown into a city anyway.
Imam Hussain Shrine