Dua Tawassul – Dua e Tawassul In Islam

Dua Tawassul – Dua e Tawassul In Islam

In the language of Islam, dua, which means “invocation,” is a prayer.

The word comes from an also Arabic word that means “to call out” or “to summon.

” For also Muslims, this is a very important way to worship.

At this time, Muslims all over the world pray to God and ask for forgiveness and help.

Tawassul means to ask Allah for something through a good person or through doing good things.

For example, you might say, “O Almighty, I request you by the rank of your Messenger of Allah…”

Concerning the meaning of Tawassal, note that it is a way to ask Allah for help

and beg Him for help. The Islamic Muhammad (S.W.A) is said to have said.

One of God’s commands in the Quran is for them to call out to Him:

Muslim spirituality puts a lot of weight, and early Muslims were very careful

to write down Muhammad’s prayers and pass them on to future generations. 

Because of these customs,

new types of writing came about in which prophetic prayers

were put together in also one book and learned by heart. 

This trend is shown by books like Al-Kitab

Nawawi’s al-adhkar and Shams al-Din al-al-Hisn Jazari’s al-Hasin

became very popular among Muslims who wanted to know how Muhammad prayed to God.

But Du’a literature isn’t just made up of prophetic prayers.

Many later Muslim scholars and sages wrote prayers,

that their followers would recite. 

Dua Tawassul

Dua Tawassul - Tawassul In Islam

dua tawassul

Dua Tawassul


In his book Misbah, Shaykh Tusi says that imam Hassan bin Ali Al Askari wrote this

dua’a for Abu Muhammad, who asked him to teach him how to say Salawat correctly.

Ibn Babawayh is the one who told Allama Majlisi.

Ibn Babawayh says with confidence that this dua’a can solve any problem or difficulty. 

People ask Allah to be kind in the name of the Holy Prophet and his family, the Ahl ul Bayt.

which means ” quickly making all good wishes come true.”