Surah Al-Mulk Benefits That Every Muslim Should Be Aware

surah al mulk benefits

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The Holy Quran is put together from 114 parts called surahs. Each chapter of the Quran has its benefits and blessings. Surah Al-Mulk, which is the 67th chapter of the Quran, is one of these blessed surahs. Al-Mulk means “The Kingdom” or “The Rule” of Allah (SWT).
It is a 30-verse Makkan surah in the 29th Para of the Quran. This surah is mostly about proving that Allah is One
(Tauheed) and making believers’ faith stronger.

Asbab al-nuzul of Surah Al-Mulk

From Surah Al-Mulk to the end of the Quran,
Surah Al-Mulk is part of the seventh group of surahs.
This group is a warning to the people in charge
of the Quraysh about what will happen in the next world.

letting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ) know that
the truth was in order in Arabia.

In surah Al-Mulk, the Quraysh are told what will happen
to them on the Day of Judgment if they refuse to believe in Allah.

Prophet of Allah. It is mostly about believing in Allah (SWT),
His Oneness and His divine power are everything.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ) was defiant in Makkah at
the time of the revelation of this surah.

Verbally, it’s ferocious. As a side note,
it was also mentioned that idolaters would disparage
the Prophet, Muhammad.

Those who had slandered him were brought to Gabriel’s attention.
They used to tell me that.

In case Muhammad’s Allah hears you,
lower your voices.”

In this surah, Allah (SWT) talks about the sins of those who don’t
believe and the forgiveness and reward for those who do believe.

who realize they have done wrong and come to Him for help.

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Surah Al Mulk and Its Importance

In Surah Al Mulk, we think about the point of creation,
life and death, tests, and the things we do.
This beautiful Surah talks about how Allah SWT made Heaven
and Earth the best way possible. It also shows a believer
what the hell is like. And Allah is the most powerful person
and knows everything we say and do.
He is Al-Aleem, which means “the All-Knowing.” Allah SWT has given us peace of mind because He is the one who takes care of everyone. When we think about Surah Al Mulk in-depth, we realize that Allah created, provided, warned, and has power over everything.

Surah Mulk Meaning

Ayat al-Mulk, or the 67th chapter of the Holy Quran,
is referred to as the Surah Mulk. Sovereignty or Kingdom is also
acceptable in English translations. In a Meccan Surah,
it is reaffirmed that no one may impose his will on another;
the only thing he can do is be a guide and provide an example for others to follow.

From al Mulk (67) forward, this is the seventh and last
set of surahs in the Quran; the last of which is An-Nas.

This grouping of surahs concludes
our discussion of warnings in Islam.

Where In The Quran is Surat Al Mulk?

Which Chapter is surat al Mulk?

Surah 76 of the Quran is called “Surat al-Mulk.”

The last part of the Quran, or the seventh part, is called surah al-Milk.

The subject of this division is “Warning the leaders of the Quraysh
about what the Hereafter means and bringing good,

“Tell Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)
that the truth has won out in Arabia.”

On what page of the Quran is surat al Mulk?

In al Quran al Kareem, surat al Mulk starts
on page 562 and goes until page 564.

Where in Para is Surat al Mulk?

The 29th para (juz) is Surat al-Moulk.
It comes after Surah at-Tahrim and before Surah al-Qalam.

This Juz is called Juz Tabarak because the first verse of surat al Mulk starts with the word “Tabarak.”

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Surah Mulk: Why Reading It Before Bed Is a Good Idea

Like any other Surah in the Quran, Surah Mulk The Great Benefit
of Reading It Before Sleeping has benefits
when read at a certain time.
So that we can get these good things,

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us when and how to read it,
so we should do what he said.

Learn more about surat al Mulk and the
best time to read it by reading on.

Surah Mulk’s Good Points

Surah Mulk is good for you in more ways than you could imagine.
It will protect you not only in this life and the next
but also in the time between.

In a hadith, it says that the Prophet Muhammad ( PUBH) told people
to read Surah Mulk every night before bed.

In a Hadith told by Imam al-Hakim, the Holy Prophet,
peace be upon him, is quoted as saying:

“Surah al-Mulk keeps people from being punished after death.
” Abdullah bin Mas’ud told Imam Hakim that the Holy Prophet,
peace be upon him, is sad that:

“When a person is dead and in their grave,
they will be approached from their feet,
and their feet won’t say anything bad to you.

for what’s in my heart, the person always stood on me and read this surah.
Then the person will be approached from his chest.

He has been used to recite Surah al-Mulk,
and the chest will say that you have no right
to hurt me because of what is in my heart.

How Many Ayahs Are In Surat Al Mulk?

surat al Mulk has 30 ayahs (verses).
People know that surat al Mulk has well-written verses
that each show and explain new ideas. As a result,

Everything in the Quran seems to fit
together well and make sense.

The order of the ayahs in surat al Mulk is as follows: (1-3) Praise be to Allah,
the All-Powerful, the All-Powerful Creator and Ruler of all things.

(3–5): The beauty of Allah’s work in the heavens praises Him.
(5) We have put lights in the lowest sky and given them weapons
to use against demons. We have also set up a roaring fire as a punishment for them.

(6–8) People who don’t believe are getting ready for hell.
(8–11) Those who think Muhammad is lying will
regret their stupidity in hell.

(12) Those who are afraid of their unseen Lord will
be forgiven and given a huge reward.

(13–14): God knows everything.
(15-18) Allah shall destroy unbelievers.
(19–24) People who don’t believe in Allah and aren’t
thankful to Him for giving them life.

(25-28) They told the Prophet to hurry up with the judgment,
but when it comes, they will be terrified.

(29-30) On that day, Allah is Merciful,
and He is the only one who can protect you.

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– When to read the Surah Mulk

Through his actions and words, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
has shown us the way. He told us to read different
surahs at different times and places. Also,
Surah Mulk, which is said to keep the person who reads
it from having to suffer in the afterlife,
should be read at night after Isha and before going to bed.

Why it’s a good idea to read Surah Mulk every night

A Muslim’s body will stay in the grave all of the time.
All around him will be darkness,
and he will have no one to talk to but himself.
He will be asked about his life in Dunya while he was still alive,
and if he can’t answer the questions,
he will be punished in the grave. But people who believe in the
Quran and Sunnah will find a light in their graves.

The person who says the Blessed Surah Mulk will be able
to avoid the darkness and pain of the afterlife.
The surah will protect him from all kinds of suffering and loneliness.
So, Muslims are told to read the Blessed Surah in their hearts at night.

The Surah Mulk asks Allah to save them.

In Islam, salvation is different from the way it is in other religions.
You can only get there by submitting to the one true God, Allah,
and worshipping Him. Muslims are born with a pure
spirit and are not guilty of sin, but the evil in this world
makes them do bad things.
A Muslim needs his prayers and good deeds to help him
get to heaven when he dies. When he says
At the right time,

Surah Mulk asks Allah SWT to save him from hellfire.
On the day of judgment, it will protect him.

On the ground, a friend of the Holy Prophet had set up a tent.
He didn’t know that there was a grave under there.
He heard someone below him recite Surah Mulk
until it was done, so he moved his tent.
He told Prophet Muhammad PBUH about what
happened, and when the beloved Prophet heard about it

Bedtime Surah Mulk Benefits

Through duas and surahs, our Prophet Muhammad PBUH
has shown us how to stay on the right path.
A Muslim is told to read certain surahs on certain
days and at certain times because they help
them get uncountable rewards and keep them safe.
Surah Mulk is the surah that,
when read at night, helps a believer get
rewards and blessings, forget his sins,
and move up in his good deeds.

During the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH,
this surah was called Ma’ani, which means
“the preventive,” because it protects
believers from hellfire and Jahannum.

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How Surah Mulk asks for forgiveness

When the doors of Tawbah are closed and this world is destroyed,
we will all have to show Allah SWT the book of our actions.
We will be in dire need of good deeds.
On that day, a small good or bad deed will decide
where we will live forever. In the midst of
chaos and fear, Surah Mulk will ask the person
who reads it on time to pray for him (Sha’fah)
until he gets a place in paradise.
We all need to read the Quran often so that we
don’t end up in Jahannum, where the fires are scorching.

Surah Mulk: Benefits for the Dead

When a Muslim thinks about his time in the grave and the akhira,
it is the scariest thought that comes to mind.
We live our lives and do bad things,
but we don’t know that even a small sin can keep us in Jahannum forever.
We have the Holy Quran, which is a full set of rules for living,
to help and guide us. We should read it often and keep
in mind the important parts. Surah Mulk is the only thing
that can save us from the pain of the grave.
If a Muslim died while saying the surah on time,
it would save him from every part of his body.