Mosque Broke Into in Southern Sweden

Mosque Broke into in Southern Sweden

Mosque Broke Into in Southern Sweden

Mosque Broke Into in Southern Sweden: In an act of vandalism against a place of worship,
stones were thrown at a mosque in Sweden that is connected to the
Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, an official said on Friday.

(Source: IQNA)

Southern Sweden: Mehmet Ozer, an official at the Jonkoping Mosque in southern Sweden,
told Anadolu Agency that they learned about the attack when they went to pray on Friday.

Southern Sweden: “It was reported to the police and the right people,”
Ozer said next. “The inquiry is still going on.” “This is the third time in the past year
and three months that someone has tried to hurt our mosque.

Southern Sweden: We are going to file a complaint, but we don’t have high hopes for a solution
because none of our previous complaints led to any changes.”

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Southern Sweden:  Ozer said that the incident led to a window in the mosque’s kitchen,
which is part of the Swedish Diyanet Foundation, being broken.
They think that the attack was done because of someone’s race.

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