Governor Of Makkah Honored To Serve Pilgrims

Governor Of Makkah Honored To Serve Pilgrims

Governor Of Makkah(The Source By flickr)

During a press conference in MAKKAH,
Prince Khalid Al-Faisal governor of the Makkah
Region and head of the Central Hajj Committee

praised Saudi Arabia’s preparations for Hajj.

He said that the awareness campaigns against people who break Hajj
rules are working, and he stressed that the volunteers around the holy
sites have a lot of experience and are good at helping pilgrims.

Prince Khalid said that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic,
the Kingdom did not stop Hajj over the past two years and he is proud to serve pilgrims
“anytime and anywhere.”

Prince Khalid said that there were no cases of COVID-19 on the day of Al-Tarwiyah.
This was after he went out to check on the services for pilgrims (Day of perfusion).

He also said that 19 people who broke Hajj rules by transporting people
who weren’t allowed were arrested,
as were 79 people who ran fake campaigns.
He praised the new projects that started this Hajj,
such as the 18 hospitals in Makkah and the holy sites
that have more than 3,700 beds between them.

Prince Khalid said that 111,000 people who were breaking the
rules and 68,000 cars that shouldn’t have been there  being
stopped from entering Makkah.
During Hajj there are about 150,000 people working in security health care,
and hospitality to help pilgrims, he said.

The governor said that in Makkah,
2,500 people who broke rules about residency and
border security was also arrested.

He also said that Makkah’s water and power systems
can easily handle a large number of pilgrims.

Prince Khalid said that about 20 million cubic meters of
water will be pumped during the month of Dhul Hijjah.

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