Tamam Abou Hamidan, a Palestinian Originally From Gaza, has been Elected Mayor of Sweden

Tamam Abou Hamidan, a Palestinian Originally From Gaza,

has been Elected Mayor of Sweden

Tamam Abou Hamidan, a Palestinian Woman Originally From Gaza, has been Elected Mayor of Sweden

Many Palestinian refugees, including Tamam Abou Hamidan,
demonstrate the incredible patience of those forced to flee their homeland
for more than seven decades because of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Although living in Gaza was difficult, this Palestinian woman’s spirit was unbroken
and she went on to achieve great things after leaving the hardships of her homeland.

Her early years were spent in Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip in Palestine, where she was born
and raised before attending local schools
and completing her education at Al-Aqsa University in Jerusalem,
where she earned a journalism degree.

They moved to southern Sweden’s Blekinge County in 2014 because
they were concerned about the long-term repercussions of
the continued blockade of Gaza, which was made worse by the
deteriorating economic situation.

Because of cultural and linguistic barriers, finding work
and acclimating to a new community was difficult for Abu
when she first arrived in Sweden.

Abu’s situation did not improve much after she arrived, though.
Fortunately, she was able to land work at a pizza parlor,
allowing her to remain in the country legally and permanently.
Since graduating from Blekingeland University in 2016,
she has worked as a consultant for the employment service there 2016.

Bio Of Tamam Abou Hamidan’s

Abou stated that her work inspires and drives her to work harder to accomplish larger goals.
In 2015, Abou, who later received a master’s degree in leadership
and organization from Malmo University,
joined the Social Democratic Party in Olofstrom, Blekinge County.

Her political career began slowly, with Abou’s nomination for Blekinge County Council,
followed by positions in the local council’s education committee and on the provincial council.

After being nominated by her party to lead the council in Olofström 2020,
Abou succeeded to show herself, mayor, via her efforts and hard work.

Not only has she conquered the hurdles of being a woman in politics,
but she has also excelled in her roles as a Palestinian woman from Gaza, mayor,
and mother, and she is now attempting to run for the Swedish parliament
in the September elections.

Abou Hamidan expressed her happiness and pride in what she had accomplished in Sweden.
She stressed that the fact that a Palestinian lady from Gaza could achieve
such a position in Sweden demonstrates the viability of the Palestinian cause.

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