Who Started Islam Religion

Who Started Islam Religion

Who Started Islam Religion

Started Islam Religion to achieve peace with God, peace within oneself,
and peace with God’s creations Islam requires complete
obedience to God and acceptance of His counsel.

The name Islam comes from the three-letter Arabic
root S ()- L ()- M (), which also gives rise to words
with similar connotations like “surrender,” “submission,”
“commitment,” and “peace.” Islam is the name given to
the monotheistic faith that Muhammad ibn (son of)
Abdullah received between 610 and 632 CE. Started Islam Religion

Islam was founded on the Qur’an, the sacred scripture
revealed to Muhammad. For believers, Islam is not a brand-new religion.
The final declaration of the essential fact of God’s Oneness,
a recurrent topic in earlier monotheistic
religious traditions, is what it symbolizes instead. Started Islam Religion

Islam is a recognized religion, but its adherents
representing a fifth of the world’s population view
it in much grander terms. Islam is practiced as a holistic
and organic way of life that goes beyond belief in certain
doctrines and the performance of important ritual acts
in order to place God at the center of one’s mind and,
therefore, one’s life. Islam is fundamentally a worldview
that emphasizes adoration of the One True
God and obedience to His teachings. Started Islam Religion

What Defines Islam’s Essence

The following is the Prophet Muhammad’s description of
the essence of Islam, which serves as the best summary:

Submission entails performing the prescribed prayers,
paying the alms tax, fasting during Ramadan,
and, if you are able to do so, making the journey to the House.
It also means bearing witness that there is no deity
but God and that Muhammad is His messenger.

Faith is having confidence in God, His angels,
His written word, His prophets, and the Last Day
as well as having confidence in how things are
measured out, both they are good and bad.

Doing what is beautiful entails worshipping God
as if you could see Him because, even if you cannot, He sees you. Started Islam Religion


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