Watch Karbala Live

Watch Karbala Live

Karbala  Live Streaming  is About For 24 hrs And
We Will Stream  Also On the 10th of Muharram On Our Site AZ Official.

In Arabic,
Karbala is also spelled Kerbela.
It is a city in the middle of Iraq and the capital of
the Karbala muhafazah governorate.

It is 88 kilometers (55 miles) southwest of Baghdad,
the capital of Iraq’s Shiite majority, and can be reached by train.

Watch Karbala Live

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In the Battle of Karbala (680 CE), al-Husayn ibn Ali,
grandson of the Prophet Muhammad and leader of the Shi’i sect,
and a small group of his followers was killed by Yazid I,
the caliph of the Umayyads, who sent a much larger army.
This has religious significance for the city of Karbala.

Husayn’s tomb in the city is a central Shi’i shrine and
a big part of the annual Arba’een pilgrimage,
which happens 40 days after Husayn’s death
is remembered.

Shi’i Muslims believe that a grave in one of the many cemeteries
in the city is a sure way to get to heaven.

The religious people in the city have kept close
ties with their Iranian counterparts.

There are a lot of Iranian pilgrims in Karbala,
and a lot of the people who live there are also from Iran.

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