UN Scolds France For Islamic Hijab Ban

UN Scolds France For Islamic Hijab Ban

UN Scolds France For Islamic Hijab Ban

Islamic Hijab Ban(Source By Freepik))

GENEVA, Switzerland A UN committee ruled that France’s prohibition
against a woman wearing a headscarf while attending
school violated an international treaty on human rights.

There was a violation of civil and political
rights as per the UN Human Rights Committee.

Its decision comes in response to a complaint made in 2016
by a French citizen born in 1977, whose attorney
does not want her name to be made public.

In 2010, the woman had been
admitted after passing an entrance
interview and professional training course for adults.

However, because wearing religious
symbols are prohibited in public
educational institutions, the headmaster of Langevin
Wallon High School in the southeast suburbs
of Paris refused to let her enter.

According to the UN committee, restricting her
right to exercise her religion in this way would
be in violation of the treaty if
she couldn’t wear a headscarf to her education class.

The committee made its decision in March,
but the lawyer for the woman didn’t get it until Wednesday.

Her lawyer, Seven Guez Guez, told AFP,
“This is an important decision that shows France
has work to do in terms of human rights, especially
when it comes to respecting religious minorities,
and especially the Muslim community.”UN Scolds France

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