Free Archery Lessons Will Be Given At A Mosque In Stoke

Free Archery Lessons Will Be Given At A Mosque In Stoke

Free Archery Lessons Will Be Given At A Mosque In Stokesource by:

A mosque in Stoke-on-Trent will have free “have a go” archery
sessions to get more Muslims in the area interested in the sport.

Trent Valley Archers and other local qualified Archery GB coaches
will run the sessions at Hanley Central Mosque on Sunday, August 7.

Archery GB’s Project Rimaya, which is funded by SportsAid and aims
to get more Muslim communities involved in archery,
is helping with this project.
Archery has a special place
in the culture of Muslims because it has been a part of
their history for over a thousand years.

It is also one of only a few sports mentioned in the Qur’an
as a fundamental “Sunnah” sport,
which makes it a respected activity for Muslims.

The “have-a-go” sessions will be held at the Equality House
Community Centre on Raymond Street, behind the mosque.

Muslimah Sports

Archery GB’s long-term goal is to help put sport at
the center of the nation’s recovery after the pandemic.
They plan to do this by bringing a new and
inclusive sport to ethnically diverse communities and
helping Islamic faith institutions and community
groups start new archery clubs.

Grant Piland, who is the Chair of the
Staffordshire County Archery Association and
a member of the Trent Valley Archers
is very passionate about using the sport he loves to bring people together.
He wants to bring people together after the
pandemic and help people from different backgrounds respect
and understand each other in their local communities.

Grant saw what Project Rimaya was doing and was
inspired to get his club involved in the community.
He has talked to people who have already started
successful Project Rimaya projects,
like the Muslimah Sports Association and the Barking Rugby Club,
who work together on a project,
as well as the Muslim Sports Foundation and the Hanley Central Mosque.

Project Rimaya has become a very effective way to help women’s roles in ethnic communities grow.
It also shows how archery can be used to improve community relations and get more people
involved in an activity that is good for both the mind and the body. Free Archery Lessons 



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