7th Muharram Water Blocked On Ahlebait & Why

It’s Muharram 7! The day when the children of the Ahlebait could no longer wait.
But they were Hussain’s children, who were the most patient people in the world.

7th Muharram night is remembered as the day that Imam Hussain a.s. and his companions ran out of water. It was a day when all anyone could hear was “Al atsh.”

Our Ashura majaalis keep going. We will cry more tears for the people of Karbala. We’ll keep going with our matam. We will donate cash in Hazrat Qasim’s name. People who are sad in Karbala’ will get help from volunteers. Bibi Fatimah is watching everyone. Everyone will get what they deserve on the Day of Judgment.

Helping Husayn with our tears, matam, money, and free time will not be wasted.
Husayn will reward us. Bibi Fatima will keep us safe. We will make Allah happy.

Husayn and his friends and family are in Karbala. The 7th of Muharram is a very sad day in the story of Karbala.

This was the day that Husayn’s camp could no longer get water. Karbala’ was very warm.
The kids got more and more thirsty as time went on.

More people were shouting “Al-Atash! Al-Atash! Al-Atash!” Tonight is Shah Qasim’s night. He is Imam Hassan and Umm Farwah’s 13-year-old son. Ashura went to a place called Karbala.

‘Ali Akbar gave the Fajr Adhan. The Fajr Salat was prayed by everyone (Prayer).

One by one, Husayn’s friends went to the battlefield to fight for Islam and died there.
They were all killed. Shaheed! Shaheed Al- Karbala’!

By the time Zuhr came around, Imam Hussein only had his family with him:
‘Aun-Muhammad, Qasim, ‘Ali Akbar, and ‘Abbas.

While they were still alive, Imam Husayn’s friends did not let his family go to the battlefield. There was no one left. “Aun and Muhammad were eager to help save Islam with their uncle.
They went to the field of battle and never came back.
Qasim asked his mother, Umm Farwah if he could fight. Then he went to see his uncle Husayn to ask him if he could fight. How can Husayn say that it’s okay for the son of his brother to die? How can he let a little kid die?

“Qasim, you are young. You are your mother’s only child. Qasim, you are the son of my brother.
I have promised my brother to look after you. My sweet Qasim, you look just like my brother. You bring to mind Hassan. No, Qasim, no. I will not let you die.”

Qasim felt a lot of sadness. He asked for help from his mother. His mother told him about the taveez that his father had put on his arm. When Qasim opened the taveez, he found a letter for Husayn inside. When Qasim saw the letter, he was happy. He gave the letter to Husayn, who was his uncle.

Husayn read Hassan’s letter, which said: The time will come, Brother Husayn, when people will have to give their lives in order to maintain Islam.

Husayn, on that day, I won’t be here to greet you, but my son Qasim will be. I would be grateful if Qasim could fill in for me on that particular day.”

“My dear Qasim, how can I stop you right now? He took Qasim to Bibi Zainab.
Bring me Hassan’s turban and abaa, Zainab. Husayn covered Qasim in Hassan’s turban and abaa (cloak).

“Zainab! Isn’t Qasim handsome as you can see? He resembles our brother Hassan exactly.
Husayn and Zainab both shed tears as they thought of their brother.

Qasim was then outfitted with the battle gear and given the weapons by Husayn.
A little kid with dangerous weapons! Qasim was so young that as he walked, his sword touched the ground.
He was unable to independently mount his horse. His uncle Abbas assisted him in mounting the horse.

Qasim, a young combatant, rode to the battle. A horseback rider whose feet couldn’t fit in the stirrups,
or foot straps, but who were eager to preserve Islam.

He was an ‘Abbas’ student and the young son of Hasan, the grandson of Ali.

Qasim engaged in a valiant battle that history will never forget. The adversary was unable to defeat him. From behind, one of Yazid’s cowardly soldiers struck Qasim with a sword. Blood was all over Qasim.  After three days of thirst, the young Qasim had had enough.
He was thrown off his horse. He yelled as he fell.
O,h, my Uncle! Come Right Away! Please help, Uncle! Abbas and Husain hastened to the battleground.

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Horses Run On Body Qasim

Then terrible things started to happen. The adversaries of Islam believed that Husayn and
‘Abbas were on their way to confront them. They were alarmed. There was uncertainty.

Horses raced from one side to the other and all around. I came from there! Qasim, who was and lying on the ground, was run over by the horses. He was stepped on. ‘Abbas and Husayn were looking for Qasim. Where are you, Qasim, my sweetheart? Qasim! converse with your uncle. Qasim! Qasim! My son, where are you? Qasim was unable to answer. Qasim’s breathing had stopped. What did Husayn witness when the adversaries withdrew?
Qasim wasn’t completely whole. The horses had stepped on him and hurt him badly.

Think about Husayn’s emotions! His brother, Hasan’s son lay in pieces on the ground.

Hail to Allah! Hail to Allah! Now, what should Husayn do? What is Husayn to do next?
Tore to pieces, Qasim! His legs and arms were all over the Karbala sand.

Husayn undid his abaya and laid it out on the floor. He collected the remains of Qasim and put them on his abaya.

The abaya was then bundled by him using a tie. Husayn’s crushed body of Qasim was assisted by ‘Abbas. Husayn shouted as he approached the camp:

 Zainab. Zainab, my heart is broken. I am unable to carry Qasim’s body to the tent because I am exhausted. Ask Amma Fizza to assist you in carrying Qasim to the tent, Zainab. The women sobbed and performed matam for Qasim.

Ya Qasim! Qasim Ya! Ya Qasim, Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaih Raja’oon.

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