Fatima Zahra (R.A) Special Qualities

Fatima Zahra (R.A) Special Qualities


It is hardly unexpected that Fatimah bint Muhammad s.a.w. was one of our Prophet’s most cherished family members given that she was the youngest daughter
of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and Khadijah r.a.
In a hadith related by Usaamah bin Zayd r.a., the Prophet s.a.w. responded,
“Fatimah bint Muhammad,” when some of the companions inquired
about which member of his family he loved the best.

As a result of the manner, Fatima looked after the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.,
particularly after her mother went away,
she was given the name Az-Zahra, which means the brilliant and glowing one.
She was also referred to as Umm Abiha,
which means the mother of her father.

Fatima departed suddenly in her late 20s,
the way she lived her young life in terms of how she carried herself and
treated those around her—was inspirational in many ways.

Fatima al Zahra is well-known for how she loved and cared for her father

  • Fatima al Zahra is well-known for how she loved and cared for her father,
    the Prophet of God, in the best way possible.
    Fatima would take such good care of her father that he would call her ‘Umm Abiha,’
    which means mother of her father.’
    When Fatima was young, she would often take care of her father after
    he had been harassed or attacked by others

To share with others what you love doing for yourself,
even if it means going without yourself.

  • To share with others what you love doing for yourself,
    even if it means going without yourself.

    And despite their affection for it, they offer food to the poor, the orphan,
    and the captive, claiming that they are doing it exclusively for Allah’s sake.
    You do not owe us any favors or expressions of gratitude. [76:8-9]

    Fatima would always prioritize the needs of others over
    her own throughout her lifetime.
    During the three-day fast that Imam Ali (AS) and Fatima al Zahra (AS)
    observed after Allah had healed Imam Hassan and Hussain (AS) of an illness,
    the above-quoted verse was revealed.
    It was a daily ritual for them to provide food to those in need
    who knocked on their door asking for donations.
    When Fatima married, she donated her bridal gown to a deserving poor woman.
    The Qur’an says: “You will never reach piety unless you spend from what you love.
    ” When questioned why she allegedly responded with that phrase. [3:92]

Fatima Zahra Was Strong And Brave

  • Fatimah Az-Zahra’ r.a., like her father,
    was raised in poverty and had to face several difficulties throughout her life.
    Despite her difficulties, she didn’t become weaker as a result.
    she became the strongest and bravest girl in her class.
    When she raced to her father to soothe and protect him s.a.w.,
    she was a brave little girl who wasn’t even a teenager yet.
    After hearing that ‘Uqbah bin Abi Mu’et was trying to injure and
    humiliate the Prophet when he was worshipping in front of the Kaabah,
    she did this. Fatima Zahra (R.A) Special Qualities
    If their fathers were shamed in front of their peers,
    other children her age would be ashamed,
    but she stood by him and battled for him with everything she had to give.

Whenever Fatimah learned that Ali bin Abi Talib r.a.
was going to marry the daughter of Abu Jahl,
she would go to her father and convey her concerns, as she did in one case.

The hadith narrates:

Fatima Zahra (R.A) Special Qualities

Even when we are in deep distress,
many of us have developed the habit of keeping our issues to ourselves and
refusing to seek assistance from our more experienced peers.
We have the misconception that the only individuals
who should seek assistance are those who are emotionally fragile, but in truth,
seeking assistance is an indication that one is human and
not that one is emotionally fragile. Fatima Zahra (R.A) Special Qualities

Most people think that denying that we need help when we do may mean
that we don’t have the courage to admit that we also have problems and
struggles that we need advice or help with from other people, especially our elders.

Ali r.a. decided to back out of the marriage,
so Fatimah’s decision to ask her father for help paid off in the end.
The Prophet s.a.w. remarked in the same hadith, “After that, he said:


To fight for justice in your neighborhood
“O people who understand, believers, and defenders of Islam,
why aren’t you defending my rights and standing up for me
when I’m being treated unfairly?

  • The right to inherit was stripped from Fatima al Zahra shortly after the Holy Prophet’s demise. When Fatima heard about it, she launched into a rant about how unfair the situation was.
    She didn’t do it to get something for herself; rather,
    she did it to do what was right and defend her rights.
    Fatima was a devout person, thus it is apparent that she did not seek
    this bequest for its financial value. Still, she stood up for her own rights.
    It’s crucial to remember that following the law is
    something we should never take for granted.
    For both men and women, the example of Fatima al Zahra (SA) serves as an inspiration. Our work at the Zahra Foundation is dedicated to Fatima’s teachings and ideals, and we strive to live up to them.