Plan In Place For Ritual Of Kissing Black Stone; Prayer In Hijr Ismail

Plan In Place For Ritual Of Kissing Black Stone; Prayer In Hijr Ismail

Plan In Place For Ritual Of Kissing Black Stone; Prayer In Hijr IsmailPlan In Place For Ritual Of Kissing source by:

Makkah — General Secretary of the Two Holy Mosques made a plan ahead of time for pilgrims and
worshipers to pray and kiss al-Hajar al-Aswad (the black stone) at Hijr Ismail in a safe, spiritual, and healthy way.
The Saudi news agency said that Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, who is in charge of the president’s office,
is in charge of this and making sure it gets done.
With the help of the right people, the Office of the President
tries to make sure that the Two Holy Mosques have the best services possible and that pilgrims and worshipers
can do their ceremonies in comfort and ease. This is because the Saudi rulers set up a complicated plan to
make sure that pilgrims and other people who visit the Grand Mosque get the best service possible.

Hijr Ismail

Hijr Ismail is a part of the Holy Kaaba, which is something to keep in mind.
this is in the crescent-shaped area of Khatim, which is next to the Holy Kaaba.
God bless the Prophet Ibrahim, he built a safe place for his son Ismail and his wife Hajra at Hijr Ismail.
It’s important to know that about 3 meters next to the wall on the Hatim side are part of the Kaaba,
while the rest is outside of Islam’s holiest shrine. It is the Sunnah to pray when you feel like it within the Hijr Ismail.

Before, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah added to the Eatmarna and Tawakkalna apps
the option to book an appointment for the ceremony of kissing the black stone, Plan In Place For Ritual Of Kissing
the ceremony of praying at the Hijr, and the ceremony of touching the corner of Yemen (Al-Rukn Al-Yamani).
announced that there is Ismail. But the ministry later made it clear that the Eatmarna app did not get service for booking these ceremonies.

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