The Place Maqam Ibrahim Where The Prophet Stood On The Stone

The Place: Maqam Ibrahim Where The Prophet Stood On The Stone

Maqam Ibrahim(Source By Pixabay)

MAKKAH: When worshippers walk around the Kaaba they are often mesmerized by
the footprints of Prophet Ibrahim called Maqam Ibrahim,
which are kept in a glass case. Maqam Ibrahim

The prophet stood on Maqam Ibrahim while the Kaaba was being built.

The stone is 50 centimeters long on each side, and in the middle,
two oval pits look like footprints.
Historians say that when the walls of the Kaaba got too high,
Prophet Ibrahim stood on a stone that magically lifted him so he
could build the walls and put him back down so he could get stones from his son, Prophet Ismail.

“It is a wet stone with Prophet Ibrahim‘s footprints on it.
Even now, you can still see where he walked.
The maqam and the Black Stone, which are 4,000 years old,
are the oldest and most holy places in Islam.
It is right in front of the Kaaba’s door,
about 10 to 11 meters to the east.”

Barqah said that in 1367,
a historian named Mohammed Tahir Al-Kurdi said the footprints
were 22 centimeters long and 14 centimeters wide.

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab

The stone is held in a glass case with a gold and silver frame.
During the reign of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab,
Nahshal floods hit the city and moved the stone.
When the caliph arrived in Makkah, he put the stone where it is now.
It used to be in a compartment to keep it from getting broken or stolen.
But later, the compartment was taken out, and the stone was put in a
glass case so everyone who came to worship could see it.
Saad Al-Sharif, an expert on history,
said that the stone has always been close to the Kaaba.

When Prophet Muhammad took over Makkah,
he and his followers decided to move the stone from
where it was near the Kaaba to where it is now,
more than 10 meters away, to make it easier to walk around it.

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