The Tomb of Zaid-bin-Haritha

The Tomb of Zaid bin Haritha

The Tomb of Zaid-bin-Haritha

This is the grave of Zaid-bin-Haritha the first amir designated by the Prophet to

head the Muslim army in the Mu’ta war. Following Ali, Zaid was the first to join Islam.

He was the world’s first slave to convert to Islam He was a tiny child when he was

attacked by the Banu Qais tribe while traveling in a caravan. He was kidnapped

and sold as an enslaved person in Makkah to Hakim-bin-Hizam, who bought him

for his aunt Khadijah, who gave him to the Prophet as a gift when she married him.

Zaid’s father was distraught by his son’s death and went on the hunt for himDuring

their visit to Makkah, Zaid met some members of his clan and wrote his father a letter

assuring him that he was well and pleased with his great master. Zaid’s father and uncle

arrived in Makkah with enough money to ransom Zaid and asked the Prophet (PBUH)

to release him so they could return with him. The Prophet offered Zaid the option of

returning to his father, but he declined, stating, “How can I prefer anybody else to you?

” For me, you’re everyone, including my father and uncle.” “From today, I adopt Zaid as

my son,” the Prophet declared, taking Zaid in his lap. Zaid’s father and uncle were

happy with the arrangement and happily left Zaid with the Prophet. Zaidis the

Prophet’s only named companion (Sahabi) in the Quran on his divorce from Zainab

“We gave her to you in marriage because Zaid no longer desired her.” [33:37]

Zaid passed away at the age of 55.

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