Tomb of Jafar-ibn-Abi Talib

Tomb of Jafar-ibn-Abi Talib

Tomb of Jafar-ibn-Abi Talib



This is the tomb of Jafar-bin-Abi Talib the Prophet’s second choice to

command the Muslim army in the Muta fight Jafar was Ali’s older brother

and the Prophet’spaternal, cousin. He had a great fondness for the poor, with

whom he frequently interacted. During the Quraysh persecution, he was one of

the first of his companions to flee to Abyssinia (Ethiopia). He was the Muslim

spokesman who successfully defended the immigrants in King Negus’ court

against the Quraysh who had come to forcibly return them to Makkah.

At the time of Khaybar, he returned to Madinah

At the time of Khaybar, he returned to Madinah. “I’m not sure whether I’m

happier with the coming of Ja’far or the conquering of Khaybar,” the Prophet

said as he kissed him on the forehead. This occurred in the year 7 AH, a year before the

Battle of Muta. Jafar took the Muslim flag after Zaid was assassinated.

He purposefully disabled his horse to dispel any notion of returning home from

the battlefield. He charged into the enemy lines, flag in one hand and sword in the

other. The enemy severed his right hand, which was holding the flag. He immediately

moved it to his left. When that was cut off, he clenched his teeth and supported the flag with

his bleeding arms. His body was slashed in two from behind and he died;

he was around 33 at the time. When the Prophet learned of his death, he went to his home

to console his family. Asma bint-e-Umais, Jafar’s wife, recalls being at

home bathing and changing her children when the Prophet entered and hugged the children.

“O Prophet of Allah, may my parents be sacrificed for you, why are you crying

like this?” she asked as tears streamed down Mubarak’s eyes. “Have you received any

information about Jafar and his companions?” “Yes, today Jafar was martyred,”

the Prophet ( ) replied. Asma (رضي الله عنها) says, “When I detected this I holler and

every one the ladies began gathering at my home to console me” The Prophet (رضي الله عنها)

then left the house, went home, and schooled his family to arrange food for the house of the

terrorist.” In Jannah, Allah Ta’ala has granted Jafar wings in place of his hands,

with which he flies around as he chooses and where he wishes,”