Prophet Harun’s Maqam (as)

Prophet Harun’s Maqam (as)


Prophet Harun's Maqam (as)Prophet Harun's Maqam (as)

The white structure on top of this mountain is thought to house the

tomb of Prophet Harun (as), Prophet Musa’s brother (as). It is located on

the crest of Mount Hor, close to the Petra Valley. The Mameluk

Sultan Al Nasir Mohammad constructed it in the 13th century.

Harun (as) is mentioned by name 20 times in the Holy Quran.

In the Bible, he is referred to as Aaron.

When Allah commanded Musa (as) to go to Firawn (Pharoah)

he made dua for Prophethood to be bestowed on his brother Harun

Surah Ta Ha of the Holy Quran

so that he could assist him. Allah reproduces this dua in Surah Ta Ha of the Holy Quran:

“‘Lord, raise up my heart and make my duty easier for me,’ Musa (Moses) exclaimed.

Untangle my tongue so they can understand what I’m saying, and give me a

family member to support me, my brother Harun

(Aaron) – bolster my strength through him. Allow him to share my responsibility so

that we can praise You and remember You frequently:

You are always watching over us.” [20:25-35]. Prophet Harun’s Maqam (as)

Harun (as) was a talented orator who frequently spoke for Musa (as), who

had a speech handicap. He was primarily responsible for teaching the

Israelites how to worship according to the Torah of the period.

According to Islam, Harun (as) had nothing to do with the Israelites

worshipping the golden calf.

Rather he was outmanned and threatened with death by his own people.

When Musa (as) came from the mount, he blamed

Harun (as) grabbed him by the beard, but Harun (as) explained himself

and Musa (as) pleaded to Allah to pardon them both.

“You are in the same position with me as Harun was with Musa,

” the Prophet said, according to Amir bin Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas (r.a). [Muslim]

According to legend, Harun (as) lived for 122 years.