Surah An Naas And Its Benefits

Surah An Naas And Its Benefits

Surah An Naas And Its Benefits: The last chapter of the Holy Quran is called Surah Naas.
Its name, “Naas,” means “The Men” in Arabic.
This Surah is made up of only six verses.
It happened in Mecca, so it is called a “Makki Surah.”
Surah Naas comes 21st. Juza’ 30 is the Quran’s 30th section.
There are many benefits to reciting surah an-Naas. For example, it can help cure diseases,
protect you from black magic and the evil eye (Nazar), and keep bad things away.
Always say surah Naas and Ayatul Kursi before bed to protect yourself better.

Surah An-Naas can be a big help in fighting serious diseases and illnesses.
In the second verse of Surah Naas,
God is asked to protect him or her from bad things,
including health problems.

Some examples of such conditions are fever,
mental sickness, and long-term ailments.
Knowledge is power, and by knowing this information,
people may better safeguard their health and enhance their quality of life.

Surah An Naas And Its Benefits

Surah Nas contains six verses.

  1.  I seek refuge in the Lord of Humankind.
  2. The Humankind’s King,
  3. The Creator of Humanity,
  4. From the nefarious whisperer’s evil,
  5. Who murmured in humanity’s hearts,
  6. The jinn and humanity.

Surah An Naas Benefits

The good thing about Surat Nas is that it tells us how to live the right and wrong way.
I need a place to stay or help, so I want to “Pannah” with Allah.

In Surat Nas, Allah says that he made people and is in charge of them.

He can keep us safe from both sneaky thoughts and Shaitan’s evil schemes.
Shaitan needs to kill us all and tell us to do what he says.

Shaitan thinks that putting us in hellfire with him would be fair.
Allah needs to protect us because he wants people to be happy and
successful when the day of judgment comes.

Benefits Of Surat Naas

Surat Nas Taweez is a great way to reassure kids that they are not Jinn or Shaitan.
Surat Nas helps people who have been tortured in any part of their bodies.
The pain would stop and the person would get better quickly if they took drugs,
which they did at some point.

Talking about the Ma’udhatayn before going to sleep may be good for your health,
and if you put it on any part of your body that hurts, the pain will go away.

Say the Surah An-Naas 100 times every day for 40 days
to get rid of evil spirits from your home or place of work.
Before going to bed, say Surah An-Naas 17 times.
This will help you sleep well and keep nightmares and ghosts away.
Recite Surat An-Naas often after Isha for a few days to protect yourself from a cruel ruler or chief.
Saying Surat An-Naas three times every night before going to sleep will help you do
more good things for the next life and help you die with faith (khatma bil Khair).
If you want to solve a problem, say the Surah An-Naas 700 times with your family
after the Friday prayer for seven Fridays in a row.
Say Surat An-Naas 11 times and blow on yourself to stay safe on the road. (Aamal-e-Qurani p453-455)