People Donate Money In Maldives For Mosque Repairs

TEHRAN, Iran – People in Male’, Maldives, have given about $45,000 USD to help repair and maintain mosques in the city.


The telethon held by the Male’ City Council to raise money for repairing and maintaining mosques in the city brought in more than MVR 700,000.

The “Chaalu Miskiy” telethon raised a total of MVR 744,713.90 in two days, according to the City Council. By the end of the first day of the event, MVR 313,397.90 had been raised.

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The city council said it opened a fund to fix the mosques because the government gave them to the council without a budget for their upkeep. The city council says that it will cost a total of MVR 9 million to fix all of Male City’s mosques. Even though the two-day telethon is over, people can still give money to help.

The council had said before that the cost of repairing and maintaining the mosques could not be covered by the council’s limited budget. The council said that the telethon money would help pay for repairs to the mosques before Ramadan.

The councils are in charge of keeping the mosques in good shape. In Male’ and Villimale’, the city council takes care of 34 mosques.

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