In Dar Al Salam Center Students Learn Quran, Islamic Values

source by: iqna

Sheikh Faris Sulaiman, the head of the Dar Al Salam Holy Quran Learning Center, said in a statement, “Students are learning the Holy Quran in seven groups as part of the programs.”

He said that the first shift starts after the Asr prayer and goes until the Maghrib prayer call and that the second shift starts after the Maghrib prayer call and goes until the Isha prayer call.

Sheikh Faris said, “A number of the center’s graduates are leading prayers in mosques and teaching people about Islam.”

He said that the center also teaches Islamic values, as well as how to recite and remember things.

Sheikh Faris told the students to use this free chance to learn the holy Quran that the Ministry of Awqaf is giving them all over the country. He also told them they should be on time for the program.

Hassan Melody, who has been a teacher at the Dar Al Salam Holy Quran Learning Center since 2002, said that Quranic circles in state mosques have a positive effect on students’ behavior, morals, and how they treat others.

Due to its relevance, he advised his students to study the Quran diligently.

Melody stressed the necessity of parents helping students memorize and communicate with the center to get the most out of it.

He called it an educational incubator that saves pupils the time and helps them learn, direct, and guide themselves.

Qutb Habib, a twenty-year Quranic circle student, claimed that Quranic centers are the finest advantage for Muslim children since they save time and educate them to treat their parents, brothers, friends, and teachers well.