Halal and Haram Seafood List According to Islam

Halal and Haram Seafood List According to Islam



Today in this article we will give you the Halal seafood list and the Haram
seafood list according to Islamic studies so that
you may also discover which is allowed

Haram Things


Is It also Permissible To Eat Shellfish (Crabs, Prawns, Lobsters,
Oysters, and Shrimps) In Islam
Crustaceans include shellfish, sometimes known as aquatic shelled fish.
Prawns, oysters, shrimp, lobsters, and crabs are just a few fundamental examples.
Many Islamic scholars have declared all shelled seafood to be halal Crabs,
lobsters, shrimp, oysters, and prawns can also thus be classified as edible
Three of the Sunni sect’s four schools of thought consider shellfish to be delicacies.

All of these have been considered healthy and halaal by the
Hanbalis, Shafi’is,
and Maliki. Only
the Hanafi sect opposes it, claiming that they are Makrooh (detestable).

Frogs Are They Halaal or Haraam?


Several Islamic scholars consider frogs to be haram. It is confirmation of this
that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) instructed His followers not to kill it.

As a result, they are haraam to us because they are not edible.

With the advancement of biology, we now know that frogs play an important
part in
environmental equilibrium. According to a study conducted by Physics.
org, frogs square
measure important to the survival of insect populations within
the bay space. they’re a very
important supply of food for birds and fish.
Their ending might have extensive consequences for the whole organic phenomenon.

In Islam, are Alligators and Crocodiles Halaal or Haraam?


Crocodiles and alligators are considered haraam by several Islamic scholars.
This is because these predators keep their fangs. They live in both land and
marine environments.
Every animal that may cause harm is regarded as haraam
in terms of
eating it also as a meal, according to the teachings of our
Holy Qur’an, if it appears directly from the marine area.

According to The Holy Qur’an, eating such hazardous creatures is banned.
It tells you what to do by saying:


Are Octopus And Squid Haraam
Or Halaal In Islam?


Several Islamic thinkers, including Hanibal, Maliki, and Shafi’i, have ruled squids
and octopuses to be halaal and edible.
Only the Hanafi scholars have designated
them as Makruh.
Squids and octopuses are examples of sea animals, and Allah
created a variety of sea creatures that are not haraam or dangerous to eat.


Without being slaughtered, fish, octopuses, and squids can also be eaten whole.
To summarise, Allah (SWT) has stated that eating chosen shellfish is halal,

and eating genuine animals is forbidden.

We should be grateful to Allah and appreciate His blessings
for providing us with such excellent marine foods.


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