Dua Before Entering And Leaving Toilet

Dua Before Entering And Leaving Toilet


The Prophet has told us in this Dua Before Entering And Leaving Toilet so that Allah will shield us from the evil of the Shaytaan. 

We are fortunate as the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

since he has made this work easier for us by teaching us duas to be

read when we need God’s protection, in this case, even

for minor things like entering and exiting the toilet,

and this counts as prophetic sunnah. 

To remain secure from harm, we all require Allah Ta’aala’s protection,

as only Allah Ta’aala can genuinely protect us all. Therefore,

we should seek Allah’s assistance as frequently as feasible.

Our great Prophet has taught us duas to be said at times

when we need God’s protection the most.

One such occasion is entering the restroom. 

The Shayateen dwell in bathrooms and filthy regions,

and they seek to make fun of us as we answer nature’s call.

Dua Before Entering Toilet

 Dua Before Entering And Leaving Toilet

When reciting this dua before entering the restroom,

we can obtain protection from Allah Ta’aala against the shayateen,

who may be watching us while we are releasing ourselves in the bathroom.

We learn in a hadith that saying bismillah before entering and/or

before changing clothing prevents the shayateen from staring at our private parts.

This can be done either before entering the room or before putting on new clothes.

Dua When Leaving Toilet


 Dua Before Entering And Leaving Toilet

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