In Islam, Is Dating Haram

In Islam, Is Dating Haram



In Islam, Is Dating Haram It’s human nature to have feelings for someone of the opposing gender.
Love has the power to make human life more beautiful and sustainable.
As a result, Allah SWT created women as worldly adornment and
delights for the people of heaven.
In the Qur’an, Islam as a flawless religion has organized
how to channel the nature of love.

What happens, though, if pure love is channeled in a way
that is contrary to Islamic teachings?
The majority of teenagers are currently affected by this condition.
The term “dating” is used to describe the distribution of affection in a relationship.

We were never educated about ‘dating’ in Islam.
Because two persons of the opposing gender cannot escape being alone together
there is a glance and touch and there is no idea of dating as it is practiced in the West.
In fact, according to Islamic Shari’ah, all of these activities are illegal.

The prohibition is in place to prevent someone from sliding into adultery
while yet safeguarding a woman’s honor.

In Islam, Is Dating Haram?

“And do not approach adultery,” Allah SWT says, “since it is an abhorrent act and
a wicked method” (Al Isra 17:32; Al Isra 17:33; Al Isra 17:34.
The Qur’an forbids all forms of adultery and things that resemble adultery
including dating, even though it does not say so explicitly.

Islam never prohibits us from loving one another and falling in love
with someone for marriage is quite permissible.

Meeting a spouse before marriage is completely legal and
permissible if done properly and with good intentions.

Such gatherings were dubbed “halal assemblies” by Islamic scholar
Mufti Menk but they still had to adhere to specific laws.

Taqwa is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a mate from
an Islamic standpoint (piety and consciousness of Allah).
Before undergoing the marriage ritual, our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW
advises applicants to meet each other. In Islam Is Dating Haram

It is necessary because it would be absurd for two individuals to engage in marriage
and expect to have a good, loving, and affectionate married life if they have never met.