No Muslim Husband or Wife Should Do These 4 Things

No Muslim Husband or Wife Should Do These 4 Things

No Muslim Husband or Wife


These four acts should never be committed by a Muslim husband or wife;

please carefully study them and pass them on to other married couples in your area.

Marriage between a girl and a boy is a truly beautiful and pure union Allah has complete

faith in the person who has married. However, in this day and age, when the internet reigns

supreme and the new generation is unable to distinguish between Halal and Haram intimacy,

someone must teach them what types of intimacy are halal and what is haram. So, here are

some restrictions for Muslim husbands and wives who are in a marital relationship. Intimacy

through Anus is the first thing that is Haram. It is prohibited in Islam. Now that watching

pornography is becoming more popular, the new generation is being misled about the

concepts of Halal and Haram. You must all be aware that that is prohibited in Islam. Second, intimacy

during a woman’s menstrual cycle is also Haram and forbidden in Islam for Muslim husbands. When

a woman has the same cycle for a month after giving birth to a child, intimacy is also prohibited.

No Muslim Husband or Wife

Because it is harmful to women’s health, and if women become pregnant as a result of this intimacy,

the child will not be physically normal. As a result, they should avoid intimacy during certain times.

Third, you should not be filthy. Just because he or she is now your spouse does not mean you should

use vulgar language or engage in terrible behavior. You should be ethical, as using such obscene terms

is prohibited in Islam. Finally, the use of various instruments for intimacy is a key concern.

No Muslim Husband or Wife

No Muslim Husband or Wife
We are Muslims

and we should be aware that Islam forbids us from using any tool. The use of tools is a necessity in the

western world. We are not permitted to accompany them. They can utilize them because they are non-Muslim.

Your religion, on the other hand, is founded on purity. We hope you may find something useful and educational there

 May Allah keep our beliefs safe.

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