Important Dua For Jealousy Protection & Evil

Allah is the kindest and most merciful of all. “Allah desires for you ease and does not mean for your difficulty, ” he says“Allah wishes for you to finish the period and praise Allah for what He has directed you to, and perhaps you will be grateful.” Allah has revealed several Duas that can be recited to provide consolation and protection in a variety of situations.


To protect your family and children secure from evil, shirk, and the enemy.
It is crucial to stress, however, that Islam is not a faith dependent on miracles rather it encourages us to take the necessary precautions and to work hard.
We must also have complete faith and trust in Allah, for nothing can happen
without his permission. It’s a delicate balancing act.
“Indeed, Allah will not change a people’s status unless they change their hearts” (13:11 in Surah Ar-Rad).
Let’s get started with the first protective dua.

Important Dua For Protection Of Evil



Only Allah, the UN agency has no consort, has the proper to be idolized.
He has management and acclaim, and he’s capable of doing something.
According to Narrated Abu Ayyash, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“If anyone says within the morning, ‘There is not any god however Allah alone
UN agency has no partner; to him belong the dominions, to him, praise is due, and
he’s all-powerful,’ he can have a souvenir adequate that of releasing a
slave from among the descendants of Isma’il.”
He shall be rewarded in the same manner that Isma’il’s ancestors were
rewarded for releasing a slave. Dua For Protection


He can have 10 smart deeds recorded for him, 10 wicked deeds subtracted from him
10 degrees advanced, and can be shielded from the Devil till the hour.
If he says them within the evening he is going to be remunerated
within the same manner until morning.” Sahih (Sahih) is the highest level of Muslim education (Al-Albani) Sunan Abi Dawud 5077 is the supply for this info.
Jealousy is triggered by a variety of undesirable emotions. It is rarely an isolated emotion.
It’s accompanied by a slew of other emotions, including envy, disappointment,
frustration, hurt, and fury.
Allah (SWT) has already warned us
about the dangers of envy and the damage it can inflict.

Prophet Adam (AS)

Let us return to the source of jealousy before going any further. Initially,
we heard and learned about jealousy while talking about
Prophet Adam’s creation (AS). The first Prophet, Prophet Adam (AS), was Allah’s first creation (SWT). The creator then breathed life into him with a single blow. Allah (SWT) commanded that everyone in Jannah bow before Prophet Adam (AS) when he was created (AS).

Iblees was the only one who refused to prostrate before the Prophet Adam (AS).
He was too haughty and egotistical to obey Allah’s (SWT) decree, the single creator and all-powerful Creator. What is his rationale for refusing to follow?
What is the cause for his refusal to prostrate himself before Prophet Adam (AS)? They disputed it, claiming that he was superior to the Prophet (AS).

He said that he was made of fore, whereas Prophet Adam (AS) was made of clay.
They didn’t want to bow down to someone they thought was inferior to them because he felt superior. Iblis questioned His creation and His will, not because he disobeyed His command.
Jealousy was the emotion that formed in him against Prophet Adam (AS). He was arrogant.
He was envious of Prophet Adam (AS), believing him to be Allah’s favorite creation.

Protect yourself against Jealousy and Evil Eye with this dua

dua for jealousy protection


It is also a serious sort of illness to our health destroying our inner serenity, happiness, and mental wellness, according to psychology.