Before And After Eating Dua

Before And After Eating Dua

All areas of daily life in Islam have been organized in this fashion and have their dues.

When it comes to etiquette and prayer before and after eating, there are no exceptions.

From an early age, Muslim parents would teach their children about manners and

dua before and after meals. It is hoped that the positive habits that Muslim youngsters

have been taught and practiced throughout childhood would become habits that they

will carry out until they reach adulthood. One of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW’s sunnahs

is to recite dua before and after eating. It is not without cause that our beloved

Prophet taught us to recite dua before eating. Muslims express their thanks to Allah SWT

for the gifts bestowed upon them, including food and drink, by praying both before and after

eating. Another reason Muslims are encouraged to perform dua before and after meals

is that if we have to recite dua in the name of Allah SWT, Satan will not join us in our meal.

Before eating Dua



After eating Dua


According to a hadith recounted by Imam Muslims, Satan can attend a dinner with

individuals who neglect to say Allah SWT’s name. Furthermore, praying before and

after meals might bring us benefits from the food we eat. Our soul and body will be

nourished by eating that begins and concludes with prayer. By praying before eating,

on the other hand, we can be considered to have performed worship and will be rewarded.

Everything that is intended, begins, and finishes with a prayer to Allah shall be considered

worship. Those who practice it will be rewarded by Allah SWT.


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