28th Safar Shahadat Imam Hassan (A.S)

28th Safar when his father, Hazrat Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (A.S), passed away on the 40th Hijri, everyone was shocked and sorrowful. Imam Hassan (A), who was 27 years old when he accompanied the crowd to the mosque and ascended the podium, told the crowd that a man who was unique in knowledge, piety, behavior, and character among the people of the past and those to come in the future departed you last night.

 He fought alongside the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and put out a heroic effort to defend Islam.
A person who was the envy of their allies and the bane of their enemies. He did not accumulate or save anything from the wealth of the world for himself, save from the seven hundred dirhams he required to employ a servant for his family.

At this time, both the crowd and the Imam (A) began to sob terribly. He then spoke about himself. To avoid their being lost or tricked, the public has to know that he has been handed the Imamate. I am the burning wick of the ignited prophetic candle. the family that God has purified from impurities, contaminants, and contamination. Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas then stood up and addressed the audience, informing them that the guy was Hazrat Ali’s lawful heir and successor as well as the Prophet Muhammad (Dawson) and their Imam (a.s.). As a result, swear allegiance and devotion to him.

People made a group movement and pledged allegiance to Imam Hassan (A). On Imam Hassan’s (A) terms, they were to fight everyone that Imam Hassan (A) fought and submit to peace whenever he deemed fit. They all quickly agreed, and after accepting it, bowed to his imamate.

Muawiyah’s Speculations

In Syria, Muawiyah had created a government and a dominion, and for years, he had used devious tactics to mislead Hazrat Ali (A). He murdered Hazrat Ali’s (A) associates and founded the depraved Khwaraj gang and sect. He then learned that following Hazrat Ali’s martyrdom,
the electorate had sworn allegiance to Imam Hassan (A), choosing him to succeed the Prophet Muhammad as caliph (saw). He found it very difficult to put up with this.

To learn more and keep him informed of what was happening, he dispatched spies to Basra and Kufa. Then, if they think it’s appropriate, they may plan plots against the Imam (A) or they may begin subversion, sabotage, and other forms of disruption and disorder.

In response to Imam Hassan (A.S), Muawiyah wrote:

I am more deserving than you are and have more experience, so it is better that you become my follower so that you get the caliphate after myself, and I will give you whatever the income of Iraq. This is similar to how Abu Bakr, because of his experience and expertise, took the caliphate from Hazrat Ali (A).

Muawiyah despatched spies to Kufa to kill Imam Hassan in addition to refusing and turning away from taking the oath of loyalty (A). As a result, Imam Hassan (a.s.) had to stand up to offer prayers while wearing an armored jacket underneath his clothing. When a Muawiyah agent once fired an arrow in his direction, the armored jacket rendered the arrow ineffectual, protecting Imam Hassan (A).

Hazrat Ali (A.S)

When Imam Hassan (A) arrived, the majority of the people shouting “war,” and similar expressions had already left. They had turned around and violated their promise to him.
Because the following people participated:

  • Khawarij came to fight Muawiyah instead of adhering to Imam Hassan’s directives (A).
  • The materialistic, world-loving, and avaricious individuals who were hunting the war’s treasure.
  • Those who participated only out of a sense of tribal loyalty and without any type of spiritual drive.

Because of this, Imam Hassan (A) screamed at them, “You betrayed me, just as you had betrayed my father, who was your previous Imam. I’m unsure if you’ll stand up for the Imam
or for someone who denies God and His Prophet Muhammad (saw).

He then made Hakam the army’s commander and gave him leadership of 4,000 soldiers so that he could travel to the city of Ambar, stay there, and hold back Muawiyah’s forces until receiving further instructions. Muawiyah, however, deceived him by handing him money and making false claims. He then joined his army with his 200 men.

The Imam (A) chose another member of the Bani Murad tribe as his successor, even though I do not trust you. However, since this is a trial, you are free to carry on.

Why Did Imam Hassan (A.S) Approve Of The Ceasefire

It was unavoidable that Imam Hassan (A) would accept a truce with Muawiyah due to the adventurist Khawarij and his dishonest friends. However, a truce did not imply that Imam Hassan (A.S) had sided with Muawiyah or approved of his ruthless and vicious behavior. However, it meant signing a temporary cease-fire with Muawiyah.

Because if Muawiyah had triumphed, he would have crushed and destroyed all of Islam’s hopes, demolished the fundamentals of Islam, and slain all of its real adherents.
The mutual animosity between Muslims was also the ideal opportunity for the Roman Empire to invade the Islamic territories. So Imam Hassan (A), who was in agony, said to his unfaithful
and dishonest associates, “I know that you would practice craftiness and deceit, a group who have unconditionally given themselves to Muawiyah with neither religion nor shame, woe to you,
Muawiyah won’t keep his promises, to God.

I attempted to convert you to the righteous religion, but you refused to cooperate. You began to oppose me, engage in conflict with me, and lie to me, which caused and compelled me to sign the deal. By God, if I had friends and assistants, I wouldn’t have given the job to Muawiyah because I think Bani Ommayide shouldn’t be allowed to rule under the caliphate.

You Will Soon Experience The Bitterness Of Muawiyah’s

I wished to resuscitate the right, put a stop to arrogance and vanity, and establish the rulership of God and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), but people did not agree and accompanied me, Imam Hassan (A.S) wrote in a letter to Muawiyah after being obliged to strike a truce with him. I’m now agreeing to a truce with you, but only on the condition that I know, you won’t follow through with it it. But soon you would turn from your ways, but at that point, it would be useless to you.

Then, after negotiating with him, he dispatched his cousin Abdullah Bin Harris to see Muawiyah
have him committed under the terms he had laid forth and to draught the agreement and ceasefire treaty.

A clause of the truce agreement is as follows
  1. The Shias’ blood must be respected, and their rights must not be taken away or suppressed.
  2. It is forbidden to disparage Hazrat Ali (A) and his Shias with foul language.
  3. Muawiyah should adhere to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and the Book of God (the Quran) (saw).
  4. No one has the right to defend Imam Hassan’s (A) friends and companions from his mischief and brutalities, no matter where they reside.
  5. In the Khutbas, Imam Hassan (A) refuses to use Muawiyah’s name or that of Ameerul Momineen (sermons).


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