Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog) Biography

Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog) Biography

Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog) BiographyYajooj Majooj (Gog Magog)  source by: youtube.com

Two massive groups descended from Adam AS are the Yajooj and the Majooj.
Being direct descendants of the first man, they have many human characteristics.
According to legend, they were responsible for a considerable quantity of global mayhem during the Zul-Qarnayn era.
So a huge wall was constructed to stop Gog and Magog from inflicting devastation on the neighboring peoples.

According to what Nabi SAW has told us, Yajooj and Majooj will come out from behind the wall and spread
throughout the area after Esa AS is sent down to earth again at the end of time.

They will surround the mountain of Bayt ul Maqdis in Jerusalem and lay siege to Esa the Messiah AS and his followers.
This will bring about a moment of immense suffering for Muslims living at that time.
Yajooj and Majooj will die at the same time when a worm Allah sends after them consumes their necks.

“Yajooj Majooj” translates to “Gorgon and Magog” in English.

 Hadith About Yajooj Majooj:

Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog) Biography

Quran Says About Yajooj Majooj:

Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog) Biography

 Zul Qarnayn:

King ZulQarnayn was a devout and moral man.
However, the consensus amongst experts is that he wasn’t a prophet.
He was given the moniker ZulQarnayn due to his adventures to the east and west,
where the horn of Shaytaan is said to appear and disappear at different times.

Despite widespread belief to the contrary, he was not Alexander the Great of Macedon.
At roughly two thousand years following Zulqarnayn’s time,
Alexander’s era is dated as non-Christian and non-believing.
Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing.

Imprisoned Behind The Wall Yajooj And Majooj :

King Zulqarnain predicted that the wall that held Yajooj and Majooj
in captivity would crumble when the Day of Judgment arrived.
If Allah Subhan-O-Ta’ala wants it, then it will happen.

My Lord has shown mercy by allowing me to cross this,
but when His Promise is fulfilled, He will smash it to the ground.
And the Promise of my Lord is ever true” (Al-Kahf)

Hazrat Essa (AS), Yajooj Majooj break wall:

Since the wall was first constructed, Yajooj Majooj has been striving to breach it.
One day, however, during Hazrat Essa’s (AS) rule, a leader would emerge from
the Yajooj and Majooj tribes who will be strong enough to storm the citadel.
At that point, Yajooj and Majooj would reassert their full strength and pose a grave threat to humanity.

At The End Allah Taala Send Help Yet Again:

If they ever made it to Earth, everything would be in disarray.
The lack of food and water, along with the violence of these tribes, would result in the deaths of millions.
Until Allah Subhan-O-Taala heard the prayers of Hazrat Essa (AS) and his disciples.
If the Yajooj Majooj didn’t restore peace, he’d send a swarm of insects to wipe them off.

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