Wudu And How To Perform Wudu

Wudu And How To Perform Wudu

Wudu And How To Perform Wuduwudu source by: free pik

Since wudu is the first and most significant stage of Salah and is
essentially an act of devotion, proper performance is crucial.
It is obligatory for Muslims to perform the ritual of wudu,
or purification, before performing the prayer of salah.
Remember that performing wudu takes away your small sins and uses water sparingly.

Our detailed guide simplifies wudu for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike.

1 Say “Bismillah” As A First Step.
2- Thoroughly wash your hands three times, up to the wrists
3- Rinse your mouth three times by swishing the water around,
and your nose three times by blowing it out with your left hand.
This sunnah’s hidden benefit is that it enables you to determine whether or not the water is fit for wudu.

4- Rinse your nose out with water.
Inhale water through your right nostril and exhale it three times.
Make sure you don’t drown by putting too much water up your
nose instead snort sharply and suddenly.
If you have trouble getting water down your nasal passages,
try moistening your fingertips and gently pressing on the bottoms of your nostrils instead.

In warmer parts of the world, water may contain naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that,
if inhaled via the nostrils, can induce an uncommon but generally fatal type of brain illness,
thus it’s important to use clean water for this rite. To prevent disease, boil water for
one minute (three minutes at higher elevations) and let it cool before rinsing your nose with it.
This is especially important to remember while traveling to underdeveloped nations
where even tap water may be contaminated.

5- Make sure you get in between your eyebrows, beneath your nose,
and your lips each time you wash your face and wash your face a total of three times.
A man should keep his beard clean. Make sure the water gets all the way down to the
skin if his beard is thin; if it’s thick, just wash the top layer and comb it with wet fingertips.

6- Clean your entire forearm, from the wrists to the elbows.
Three times, using your left hand, wash your right arm from the wrist to the elbow.
Then, three times, using your right hand, wash your left arm from the wrist to the elbow.

You can wipe right over your cast if you have one.

7- You can wipe your head by moving your hands from the front to the rear and then back to the front.
The proper way for a lady to dry her hair is to wipe it from the crown of her head to the base of her hair
at the nape of her neck. She can avoid wiping her hair all the way down without sacrificing cleanliness.

8- Ear cleaning is done by inserting index fingers into the ear canal and wiping the back with the thumbs.
When doing this, fresh water is best

9- Make sure you clean both of your feet. Wash up to the ankles and make certain the water reaches in between the toes.
Eliminate everything in between your toes by tracing your pinky finger along the length of them.
Scrub your right foot three times before moving on to the left.

10- After you’ve performed wudu, recite the dua.

Wudu And How To Perform Wudu

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