Dua Wudu Before And After

Dua Wudu Before And After

Dua Wudu Before And After, The Prophet told about dua that should be said at the start of wudu and at the end (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Our area unit is all acquainted with 2 forms of cleanliness and purification.
the primary is mental purification (mind) and also the second is
physical purification (body) (the body). “Cleanliness is 1/2 religion,”
states Sahih Muslim (book 2 hadith 1), concerning cleanliness.

Before conducting prayer, which we tend to do 5 times daily in InsyaAllah, we tend should preserve our cleanliness by practicing Wudu,

which could be a purifying ritual (ablution). The first and most vital step in salaah
is to perform Wudu (ablution). consistent with Prophet Muhammad SAWW, whoever

performs Wudu properly and recites dua when Wudu, eight portals of paradise are going to be opened for him, and he might enter by any
of them.

Sunan al-Tirmidhi (Sunan al-Tirmidhi) fifty-five One of the necessities for our salaah to be accepted is wudu.

Holiness Of Prayer

By playacting lavation properly and dead, the holiness of prayer ahead of God SWT is formed, and it becomes one of the keys to the solemnity of prayer.

If one adheres to the pillars of lavation, one’s lavation is going to be perfect.
Reading the intention, laundry the face, laundry each hand up to the elbows, stroke the top,

laundry each foot up to the ankles, ANd doing this in an orderly manner area unit the
pillars of Wudu. It is advised that we tend to recite dua before and when Wudu
to make sure that our worship is correct.

Before Wudu Dua


Our area unit urged us to start by reciting Bismillah before play-acting Wudu.
Hadrat Umar ibn Al-Khattab narrated (RA). “None of you create wudu and

complete wudu before saying: “I bear testimony that none has the correct to be adored
save God Alone, He has no partners; and “I provide a witness that
Muhammad is His traveler,
He has no companions.” except that each one of eight Gates
of Paradise is opened for him,
and he might enter by any means that he needs,
” he overheard the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) remark. Ibn Maajah, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhee, An Nisaae, and Muslim

After Wudu Dua


We area unit inspired to browse a dua when finishing Wudu. This dua may be recited when
effort the Wudu website.
The shahada is that the next Dua when wudu. It would be
sadaqah-e-Mariah to share this!

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