Why Do We Scare About Death?

Why Do We Scare About Death?

Why Do We Scare About Death?: Death is a fact that can’t be changed,
and there’s no way to avoid it.

“Every soul will die and taste death, and you shall be all return to Us.” (Surah Al-Ankabut, verse 57)

Some individuals embrace death, while others are scared of it.
We are afraid because we are busy with things that won’t last forever.
We are involved in things that will finish someday soon, and when this happened, all of our hopes and dreams will end with them. So, we should focus on things that will last eternally.

Why Do We Scare About Death?

Although if we understand that we can live for 100 or 200 years, it is a mistake to only plan for that long.
Instead, we should aim for eternal happiness and life.

It’s clear that making plans for only a few decades will bring losses 
and make us afraid of dying since our time will run out and we’ll end up with nothing.
But if we try to find eternal life, we won’t just be afraid of death, we’ll embrace excitement with enthusiasm.

Planning for the Hereafter doesn’t mean giving up on the world and its problems. Instead, we should find our life’s purpose and realize that this world is not the end goal, but a way to get to the end goal.

Someone told to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he was afraid of dying.
Holy Prophet asks “Do you still have Possessions and Properties?”. He agreed.
The Messenger of Allah then asked the man whether he’d given any of his possessions away for God and for the afterlife.

He said “no.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “This is why you are afraid: you have become attached to your possessions.”

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