Love Of The Jinns For The Prophet (PBUH)

Love Of The Jinns For The Prophet (PBUH)

Love Of The Jinns For The Prophet (PBUH) All living things, including angels, jinn, inanimate objects, and other creatures, including humans, are moved by the Prophet’s love and care. Many jinn joined Islam and propagated its message because they were bound by Islamic law in the same way that people are. According to the exegeses of the Quran, verses 46:29–32 and 28:1-2, the early Muslim jinn accepted Islam after hearing the Prophet read the Quran.

They went back to their different countries to spread the Islamic call after establishing their new faith firmly in their hearts. Don’t forget that several jinni groups visited the Prophet’s court, heard the Quran read aloud, and decided to convert to Islam. There were two such events, according to Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Naeemi.

Other than just joining Islam, the jinn frequently showed their devotion to the Prophet by acting in a loving and loyal manner. On certain occasions, the jinn would seek resolution from the Prophet . When they approached the Prophet , they would ask for food for the return trip, and the Prophet would grant their requests. Hama, the great-grandson of Iblis who atoned for his sins at the hands of Sayyidun and travelled with numerous Prophets, sent his greetings to the Prophet and requested that he teach him the Quran. He was given certain chapters to learn by the Prophet, who also urged him to return in the future.

During the Migration, the jinns sung eulogies to Sayyidun Abbas and the beloved Prophet. They would commemorate the Prophet’s birth and shout his praises in an also effort to enrage Islam’s adversaries. Your trust will be strengthened by the following tales of the jinn’s adoration for the revered Prophet.

The Jinn Honoring The Birth Of The Prophet

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was born, the jinn climbed Abu Qubays and Mount An and cried. This is the saying of Sayyidna Abd al-Rahman bin Abd al-Rahman (RA). The jinns on the mountains of the terrible An said, “I swear that no woman has been honored like Meena.” No woman had ever imagined the height and greatness of the child. All tribes are inferior to Imad, who is the best. A mother and her son should be honored and respected.

The Jinn Acknowledged the Prophecy of the Prophet

The unbelievers were furious when the Prophet started outright calling people to Islam. They came up with a strategy to persuade their society that he was a liar and a witch doctor. When asked for his opinion, a man by the name of Wald requested three days to think about it. Then he left. He had two idols made out of gold and silver that were dressed luxuriously and were seated on chairs.

Three days later, he said, “For the sake of my adoration, is Muhammad honest?” A devilish jinn entered the idol and stated, “Muhammad is not a prophet; don’t believe him.” Wald was thrilled and informed disbelievers what the idol stated.

The Prophet (PBUH) was invited to a gathering that these evil people had organized. Additionally, they dressed up their idols in pricey garb. Sayyidun Ibn Masd and the Prophet (PBUH) both attended. The atheists bowed down to their idols. “My dear idol!” cried Wald. Please share your thoughts on Muhammad. The honourable Prophet departed after hearing the idol speak poorly of him. He observed a green-clad rider carrying a bloody sword as he made his way back. The horse’s rider got off and bowed down before the Prophet (PBUH), whom he greeted with the utmost respect. Love Of The Jinns For The Prophet (PBUH).

Mohin bin Abhar

“I am Mohin bin Abhar and I live on Mount Sinai,” Sayyiduna Nu’man said when I accepted Islam. When I returned from the journey, my wife was crying and told me that a jinn named Musfir insulted you, so I set out to take revenge. I cut his head where Safa and Marwah meet. “His head is here, and he died in the shape of a dog.” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was happy to hear this.

The next day, disbelievers decorated Habal and prostrated to it. They told it to insult the Prophet (PBUH). After gaining permission from the Prophet (PBUH), Muhin entered the idol and exclaimed, “O People Of Makka! Muhammad (SAW) is honest. True religion and speech. He invites you to reject false religion.
Love Of The Jinns For The Prophet (PBUH)

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