Which Day Prophet Muhammad Died

Which Day Prophet Muhammad Died

Which Day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Died

Prophet Muhammad died on Monday, June 8th, 632,
having founded Islam, one of the world’s great religions,
and leaving behind a lasting and universal legacy (14-Rabi al-awwal-11).
It also is commonly accepted that fever was the cause of
his death even if the exact cause was not stated.

The and was buried in Aisha’s house.
The Prophet’s grave was expanded during the rule
of subsequent caliphs to become the Mosque of the
Prophet and the complex served as a burial site
for other notable early Muslims. Prophet Muhammad died

The 13th century saw the construction of the building’s dome.
When the Wahhabis invaded Medina in 1806,
Diamonds and jewelry were also stolen from the tomb,
but they narrowly escaped being destroyed.
as many Islamic graves were.
in the region also for religious reasons.

Imam Hassan

Hussain’s elder brother and grandson were Imam Hassan.
He was the oldest son of Fatimah, Ali and Muhammad’s daughter.
Shia Muslims consider Hasan to be the second Imam.

The general consensus is that Hassan’s wife poisoned him in Medina,
Saudi Arabia, at also Caliph Muawiya’s behest, to
ensure his son would succeed him. Prophet Muhammad Died

The shrine containing Hasan’s grave was
destroyed as part of a larger effort to remove
monuments from graves during the second
Wahhabi invasion of Medina in 1925. 


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