Is It Haram To Travel Alone As A Woman

Is It Haram To Travel Alone As A Woman

Is It Haram To Travel Alone As A Woman

Haram To Travel Alone No matter whether the trip is for a religious act like the Hajj,
a visit to see her parents, or it is a permitted form of the
voyage for other objectives, the fundamental rule
that we have established in countless fatwas is
that it is not permissible for a woman
to travel without a mahram.

Arguments Against Permitting Women To Travel Alone

Both the texts and common sense back this up. For illustration:

According to the Prophet, a mahram should
always accompany a woman while she travels
(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
A man said to the Prophet of Allah, “I want to go
out with such and such an army, but my wife wants to go to Hajj.”
He told her to follow him. Al-account and the 1862 Bukhari.

According to Muslim (1339), who reported this through
Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
“It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah
and the Last Day to walk the distance of one day, unless with a
mahram” (may Allah be pleased with him). Haram To Travel Alone

Other hadiths also prohibit women from
traveling alone without a mahram.
These hadiths are applicable to all types
of travel and have a broad application.

2. Traveling is usually exhausting and unpleasant
since women are weak and require someone
to look after them and stay with them,
and because unexpected occurrences could
happen without her mahram, she might not be able to handle them.
These are things that are generally recognized
and frequently witnessed in contemporary culture
because of the high frequency of accidents
involving automobiles and other modes of transportation. Haram To Travel Alone

(May Allah be gracious to him) According to Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar

Furthermore, if a woman goes alone, especially in an area
with high levels of corruption, she may be approached
and persuaded to do something improperly.
The person sitting next to her can persuade her
to act in a way that is prohibited by Islam if he is someone
who does not fear Allah? It is advisable for a woman to
travel with her mahram since having her mahram close
by is meant to protect and look after her.
No matter how far you’re driving, emergencies
might occur while you’re on the road.

An-Nawawi stated, “To sum up, everything that may
be considered travel is forbidden to women without a
spouse or mahram” (may Allah have pity on him).

According to several experts, the fuqaha agree
that woman shouldn’t travel without a
mahram unless it is absolutely required.

Al-Baghawi claimed that everyone agreed
that woman should not travel for reasons other
then the obligation, with the exception of kafir
women who convert to Islam in dar al-Harb (non-Muslim territory)
and freed female prisoners (the required Hajj). Or a woman
who gets lost while traveling and is found by a reliable man;
in that case, according to others, it is OK for him to
accompany her until he returns her to the group. (4/76) Al-Bari, Fath.


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