The Hajj And Umrah e-Services App Is Updated, And Its Name Is Changed

The Hajj And Umrah e-Services App Is Updated,

And Its Name Is Changed

The Hajj And Umrah e-Services App Is Updated, And Its Name Is Changedsource by:

Hajj and Umrah government officials alerted pilgrims
worldwide about an app update and name change.

Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah
launched the Nusuk app, an update on the Eatmarna platform,
so visitors and worshippers can access e-services like
visa applications and hotel and flight bookings.

Hajj and Umrah services adviser Ahmed Saleh Halabi told Arab News
that the ministry has been eager to switch to e-government to help pilgrims and visitors.
As a result, their religious journey will be remembered forever.”

The portal offered a list of service packages, he said.

“The program will provide pilgrims with a cultural
and religious journey while reflecting the bright
and civilized side of the Kingdom,” he added.

The platform provides services and information
to help worshippers perform rituals easily.
It’s part of Saudi Vision 2030’s goals to improve
service offerings and religious experience.

The Hajj And Umrah e-Services App

Ahmed Bajaiffer, an Umrah investor,
said Nusuk represents the Kingdom’s strong
will and loyalty to Muslims, citizens, and residents.

Nusuk was launched with the Saudi Tourism
Authority and is linked to Visit Saudi Arabia.

Mohsin Tutla, head of the World Hajj and Umrah Convention,
told Arab News: “Nusuk’s vision to enhance the
pilgrim’s experience resonates with ours.”

When visiting a foreign country, visitors may feel anxiety or fear;
for many, Arabic is not their first language,
and understanding the culture can be difficult.

Hajj and Umrah performers can buy a service package
and pay electronically via

“The launch of this service sends a strong message:
We are listening, we care, and we will provide solutions
to continually enrich your experience,” Tutla said.

According to the Saudi Press Agency,
more than 21.5 million Umrah and Hajj performers
have registered with the Eatmarna app since its launch,
and it has issued 6.4 million permits to visit
and pray at Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah in Madinah.

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