Six Mosques In Riyadh Region Will Be Restored As Part Of A Development Project

Six Mosques In Riyadh Region Will Be Restored As Part Of A Development Project

Six Mosques In Riyadh Region Will Be Restored As Part Of A Development ProjectSix Mosques In Riyadh Region

On Tuesday to the Saudi Press Agency, six mosques in the Riyadh area will undergo
restoration work as part of the Prince Muhammad bin Salman Project for the
Development of Historical Mosques’ second phase.

By striking a balance between traditional and contemporary building practices,
the project in the Riyadh area aims to provide mosque structures with an adequate level of sustainability.
It also attempts to raise public awareness about maintaining historic mosques
and preserving the mosques’ original architectural elements.

Al-Qibli Mosque, which is situated in the Manfouha area of the capital’s southern section,
is one of the mosques in Riyadh.
The mosque, which King Abdulaziz expanded and subsequently rebuilt,
was once used for prayer by princes and local authorities.

Its area is currently 642.85 square metres, but after restoration, it will be 804.32 square metres.
There will be enough for 440 worshipers.

Al-Dhahirah is home to Al-Rumailah Mosque, often referred to as Al-Salamah Mosque.

It is one of the oldest historic mosques, and Riyadh’s old mosques’ architecture can be seen in its design and building techniques.

Its area is 1,184.69 square metres, but after remodelling, it will be 1,555.92 square metres.

As a result, it can accommodate 657 worshipers instead of just also 327.

The Al-Oudah Mosque is situated in northern Diriyah’s Al-Oudeh area.
It was constructed from clay and is one of the older mosques in the Diriyah governorate.

Al-Qalaah Mosque

The space will grow from its current size of 794 square metres to 1,369.82 square metres.
Additionally, its seating capacity will rise from 510 to 992 worshipers.

The fourth mosque to get renovation funding is Al-Qalaah Mosque in Al-Hilwa, Hotat Bani Tamim.
Congregational prayers are still held there today, with the exception of Friday prayers,
which have been discontinued for the past 50 years or so. After Imam Turki Al-fortress. Saud’s

Its post-renovation area will be 625.78 square metres, and its 180 worshipers’ capacity will not change.

Additionally, the Al-Hazimi Mosque, which is east of Layla, a town in the Al-Aflaj governorate,
will be renovated. 110 worshipers can be accommodated in the mosque, which was constructed more than 100 years ago.

Al-Ruasaa Mosque, which will be renovated, is situated west of Al-Majmah City in the Riyadh region.
The mosque will feature a 663 square metre floor area and seating for 210 worshipers after repair.

The second phase of the development project, which includes all regions of the Kingdom, will feature a total of 30 mosques also.

Al-Jubail Mosque, Al-Baiah Mosque, Al-Khadr Mosque, Abu Inbeh Mosque,
and Al-Fath Mosque are five of them, and they are all in the Makkah area.

The initiative aims to promote Saudi Arabia’s vibrant culture, repair old mosques for worship and prayer,
protect their original design elements, and raise their standing as places of worship and cultural institutions.

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