Rohit Singh Commits Himself After His Muslim Wife And Brother In Law Force-Feed Him Beef

Rohit Singh Commits Himself After His Muslim Wife And Brother In Law Force-Feed Him Beef

Rohit Singh Commits Himself After His Muslim Wife And Brother In Law Force-Feed Him BeefRohit Singh Commits Himself source by:

Migrant Hindu youth Rohit Pratap Singh, 24, committed suicide by hanging himself two months earlier in Patelnagar,
in the Udhna neighborhood of Surat. The inquiry into this case, however, has uncovered alarming new information.
According to the investigation, the young man’s radical action was prompted by the fact that his Muslim wife,
Sonam Ali, and her brother, Mukhtar Zakir Ali, had fed him beef.

The two siblings abused and intimidated the young Hindu man before his untimely death.
Rohit’s desperation led him to take his own life. The Udhna police have charged the wife
and her brother with aiding in a suicide based on this information.

24-year-old Rohit Ajit Pratap Singh was a native of Uttar Pradesh
who had settled in the Udhna neighborhood of Surat’s Patelnagar plot 122.
On the 27th of June at 2:30 p.m., he hung himself in his home from a fan using a dupatta.
Prior to this, a death investigation was opened and a file was
registered with the Udhna police department for accidental death.
The authorities reported at the time that the dead had recently remarried,
roughly six months prior, and that the underlying causes of the young man’s suicide were unknown.

A Muslim girl named Sonam Ali from the town of Karchala in the Auraiya region
of Uttar Pradesh was found to be Rohit Singh’s mistress during the investigation.
Formerly, she and her brother Mukhtar Zakir Ali resided in the area close to Rohit Singh’s home.
Last few months, Sonam Ali wed Rohit Singh in a beautiful ceremony.
Sonam Ali and Mukhtar Zakir Ali abused and threatened Rohit Singh,
a Hindu, before forcing beef on him and forcing him to consume it.
Because of this, Rohit Singh took his own life.

After 2 Months, A Suicide Note Posted On Facebook Was Discovered

Rohit Singh posted a suicide note on his Facebook page shortly before he took his own life.
His brother learned about his death from a native friend.
A report was then filed at the Udhna police station against Sonam Ali and her brother Mukhtar Zakir Ali.

For those interested, Rohit Singh’s suicide note was written in Hindi and read: “Today I am departing this planet.
It was Sonam and her brother Mukhtar Ali who killed me. Dear pals, I beg you to do me right.
I was fed steak and threatened with death. There’s no reason for me to continue living at this point.
Because of this, I have decided to end my own life. Regards, Rohit Singh”

Sonam Hid Rohit’s Death From His Loved Ones

If Rohit Singh’s mother’s allegations are to be believed,
his wife Sonam failed to notify the family of his death and his landlord performed his funeral.
A social media friend informed the family of his suicide two months later.
Vinadevi, Rohit’s mother, claims her son lost touch with her for
a year after moving in with Sonam, during which time he was tragically killed.

In addition, the suicide note that Rohit sent to his Facebook has lately come to light.

After two months, on Friday, “some of his friends approached his mother and
told her that they have found a suicide note supposedly published by Rohit alleging
that he was forced to consume beef by Sonam and her brother Mukhtiar,
” according to the police report. When Rohit’s mother found out what had happened,
she filed a case against Sonam and Mukhtar for aiding and abetting a suicide.

The police say they have filed charges against the two suspects,
but they are still looking into whether or if the suicide note was posted by the deceased person themselves.
The police are investigating how the Facebook suicide note was discovered two months after it was posted.
PI According to Harshad Acharya, it’s strange that no one found the suicide note on the decedent’s Facebook page for so long.

We are verifying the handwriting in the suicide letter
and checking to see if the deceased’s Facebook account was hacked.
We have not yet taken the suspect into custody,” Rohit Singh Commits Himself.

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