Kerala High Court: Not Even Quran Says Mosque Should Be At Every Road Junction

Kerala High Court: Not Even Quran Says Mosque Should Be At Every Road Junction

Kerala High Court Not Even Quran Says Mosque Should Be At Every Road JunctionKerala High Court: Not Even Quran source by:

There are more religious buildings in “God’s Own Nation” than there are people living there.
So, it’s no longer necessary to build new places of worship.
Even more so, it goes against what the Quran says to build a mosque at a busy intersection.
In a case about turning a business building into a mosque, the Kerala High Court used these words to warn the plaintiff.

By turning the business into a mosque, Muslims in the area will find it easier to go to Friday prayers.
People have asked the High Court of Kerala to look into this issue.
During the hearing, Justice PV Kunhikrishnan’s bench said,
“There are many religious sites in Kerala.
God’s Country got its name from the beauty of its natural surroundings.
” So, there is no need to build a whole new place of worship.

The District Magistrate is said to have gotten a request to turn the building into a mosque.
His answer was that he was not interested. Within a 5 km radius of that spot, 36 mosques have been seen.
He didn’t think a new mosque was needed there because of this.
When the district magistrate turned down the application, it was taken to court.

Kerala High Court

Even though the court came to the same result. Not only that but the judge from the Kerala High Court
was also caught on camera saying other things that were controversial about different places of worship.
Judges remarked, “In spite of what the Quran says, a mosque should not be built at a busy intersection.
Nowhere does it say that every Muslim must have a mosque close to his or her home.

Kerala’s many temples are reassuring and frightening.
Because of this, if Muslims, Jews, and members of the
many Parsi faiths start building temples and mosques close to their homes,
the state’s communal harmony could be threatened and violence could break out.
Also, the plan to turn the business space into a mosque was turned down.
The court said that if the petitioner’s argument is accepted, it could cause trouble in the neighborhood.

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