Iranian Sunni Clerics Meet Tanzania’s Mufti



Iranian Sunni Clerics Meet Tanzania’s Mufti


An Iranian Sunni Clerics Meet with Sheikh Abubakar Zubeiry was held with the delegation in Tanzania as part of their programmes, and they were travelling from the Golestan Province.

In the Iranian Sunni Clerics Meet, Chenarli Seminary School’s founder, Sheikh Salaheddin, stated that the purpose of the travel was to meet with “religious brothers,” learn about Tanzanian culture and traditions, and tour seminaries in that African nation.

The operations of Chenarli Seminary were also briefly explained by him.

Sunnis and Shias coexist together in Iran, according to Sheikh Esmail Ghadiri, who led Chenarli’s Friday prayers and spoke at the conference as well.

According to Sheikh Issam Uddin, manager of Chenarli Seminary, mosques for Sunni Muslims have grown since the Islamic Revolution because there are more Sunni mosques in Golestan Province than Shia mosques.

The Tanzanian mufti, for his part, expressed appreciation for the Iranian delegation’s visit and praised the value of such encounters.

Sheikh Zubair mentioned the necessity of fostering Muslim unity and revealed that he would visit Iran within the next two months to learn about the intellectual and artistic accomplishments of Iranian Muslims.

Hojat-of-Islam Ali Taghavi, the director of the Al-Mustafa International University branch in Tanzania, also took part in the meeting.