Cutting nails in Islam

Cutting Nails In Islam

Cutting nails in Islam

Nail cutting is a highly essential sunnah in Islam, and every Muslim man and woman should clip their nails at least once a week.
If weekly nail trimming is not feasible, nails should be clipped every 10 days.
If this is not possible, it is strongly advised to clip the nails once every fifteen days.

Nail cutting is normal human behavior. Because dirt will naturally accumulate under a person’s fingernails if he keeps his fingernails long. The wastes will then mix with the meal and enter the stomach.
As a result, a variety of diseases will emerge. Long fingernails make people appear unnatural, which is why nail clipping is essentialslam.

In today’s article, we’ll go about nail cutting in Islam in depth. Here are some responses that will improve your knowledge and dispel some misconceptions

What is The Islamic Guideline For Nail Cutting?

Nail cutting is an important sunnah in Islam, and it is preferable to trim nails once a week.
Because the nails grow really long after a week.

However, the Prophet did not teach any specific norms or days for nail clipping.
Different books teach different guidelines for nail cutting, and none of it is supported by hadith.

Even which hand will begin cutting fingernails is described first.
But they are not Islamic beliefs, and all of these rules were added later.

Everything said about it is void and contrived, according to all Muhaddiths.
It has no foundation.

Following all of these regulations for nail cutting is likewise against Sunnah.
Rasulullah (ﷺ) directed that the nails be clipped, however, he did not teach any unique rules or days.
So, if you cut your nails on any day, this order will be followed.

Can I Do Wudu If My Nails Are Long? In Islam, Nail Cutting Is Prohibited

Wudu can be done even if your nails are long. This will be easy, Inshallah.
Ablution will be performed if you observe the necessary responsibilities and the Sunnah of Azor.

However, if the water does not reach the flesh beneath the nails due to excessively long nails, it is not ablution if that area is not moistened with water.

Here’s an example of a fatwa:

If the water does not reach the nail’s base due to the growth of the nail, the ablution is not cleaned.
(Khulasatul Fatawa, Vol. 1, p. 22)

Are Plastic Nails Prohibited?

Fake nails are forbidden. In Islam, both men and women are required to wear their nails short.
Every week, careful nail clipping is stressed. Nail clipping has numerous worldly benefits and swabs.

All nails should be maintained short and clipped.
Infidel women typically wear fake nails and are not permitted to keep our litheiress with unbelievers.

Our Beloved Prophet of Allah – may Allah bless and grant him peace – said,
“He who imitates the community will fight with them on the Day of Resurrection.”

So none of us want to be resurrected alongside the disbelievers and have our fate befall the disbelievers.
As a result, false nails are prohibited.

Is it Prohibited To Have Artificial Nails On During Ramadan?

Yes, wearing false nails during Ramadan is haram, and wearing fake nails has nothing to do with Ramadan or any other month.

Fake nails are not permitted. It is prohibited during Ramadan and at any other time, and Islam condemns it because it resembles non-Muslim infidels.

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