First Person To Translate Quran Into French

First Person To Translate Quran Into French

First Person To Translate Quran Into French

First Person To Translate Quran: Allamah Mohamed Ben Checkroun was a learned person who translated and explained the Holy Quran in French for the first time in ten volumes.

(Source: IQNA)

He also wrote more than 30 other books in Arabic, French, and Spanish about the meaning of the Quran and the history and literature of Morocco.

The year 1932 saw the birth of Allamah Mohamed Ben Checkroun in Morocco. In his early years, he went to a school that taught about the Quran.
Later, he went to a religious school where one of the teachers was his father.
He also learned French and Arabic, as well as Fiqh, and how to understand the Quran.

He also went to schools in Marrakech, Rabat, and Paris to get a formal education.
His 1974 doctorate in humanities, which he obtained in France, was one of many things he did in college.
In France, Arab and Islamic studies experts like Henri Terrasse, Charles Pellat, and Jacques Berque taught the Moroccan scholar.

First Person To Translate Quran

Ben Checkroun after which started teaching at schools in Morocco and, after a while, at universities, where he taught Arabic language, literature, and civilization.

He also held many positions in his country and in international organizations,
such as the minister of education, foreign ministry advisor, director of cultural affairs at the ministry of interior, and head of the cultural department at UNESCO.

He wrote several books in the Quran Translation and tried to explain Islam to people in the West through European languages, especially French.

Ben Chekroun wrote a lot about education, culture, and,
of course, Islamic studies, but his 10-volume translation and explanation of the Quran into French was probably his best-known work.
He worked on the book for ten years, and his main goal was to change the way people in the West thought about the Quran and Islam.

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Holy Quran Based Various Subjects,” “Glossary of Quranic Meanings and Basics,” “An Introduction to Quran and Hadith Studies,” and “Quran Dictionary in Arabic, French, and Spanish are his other works.”

He also wrote a book in French about worship in Islam called “Worship in Islam and Its Political, Social, and Educational Aspects.” In this book, he tries to explain to French readers what Islamic acts of worship mean from a historical, religious, and political point of view.