5 Habits You Should Do in the Morning the Islamic Way

5 Habits You Should Do in The Morning The Islamic Way

Have you ever thought about how some successful Muslims start their day in the Islamic way?
Most Muslims think that good thing should be done first thing in the morning.

Muslims often do certain things every morning as part of the Islamic way to try to get some of Allah’s blessing.
That’s not surprising if you find that some Muslims do small things in the morning that have big rewards.

If you want to know what people who follow the Islamic way do every morning, here are some examples.
Let’s check them.

1. Wake up Early

One of the Islamic ways to start the day is to wake up early.
Most Muslims know how important this is.
Since they get up early, they can do a lot of things, like pray the Fajr prayer before sunrise.

Most Muslims know what they have to do, like pray five times a day and do some Dhikr every morning to get some of the benefits of Dhikr.
By praying the Fajr prayer in the morning, they are ready to face the day because of the Duas they say while praying.
May Allah show His kindness to them.

The mourning routine of doing Fajr prayer is already mentioned in the Quran surah At Takwir verse 18 and the Quran surah Al Isra verse 78 below.

5 Habits

2. Reciting the Quran

In the Islamic way, one of the things you can do every morning is read the Quran.
As a Muslim, the rules say that you should read at least one verse from the Quran every day.
It is okay to take some Quran passages to read in the morning so that you can get some blessings from Allah’s mercy.

Also, reciting the Quran will not only help you understand the Quran better,
but it will also bring you closer to Allah.

As one of the benefits of reading the Al Quran every day,
these facts might help you do a good deed that Allah will reward you for.

2nd dua

3. Make Supplication

Making a dua n the morning is part of the Islamic way of life.
For example, you can make Duas to protect yourself from going to hell.
If you say some Duas, Allah might bless you in a way that makes your life easier than it was before.

Also, Allah said in surah Gafir, verse 60 of the Quran, that whoever prays to Him, He will grant all of their wishes.

3rd dua

4. Exercises or Reading

When you read something in the morning, whether it be news or a novel, you will stay informed.
If you don’t enjoy reading, you can perform some activities while listening to some helpful podcasts,
such as those that discuss Islamic investing legislation.

Whether you choose to read or work out first thing in the morning,
both provide advantages for your health and brain.  5 Habits

Additionally, Allah is affection for individuals who have a healthy body and soul and have sound understanding in their minds. Verse 31 of the Quran’s surah Al A’raf makes reference to it.

4th dua

5. Make a Plan

One of the things you can do in the morning to follow the Islamic way is to make a plan for the day.
With a good plan, this routine will make your day easier. 5 Habits

You may have already thought of something to do later in the day.
If you start with a plan, you’ll be more ready to do your work than if you didn’t plan at all.

Also, Allah has already said it in verse 60 of the Quran’s surah Al Anfal.

5 Habits You Should Do in The Morning The Islamic Way

So, these are some Islamic ways to start the day that you can use in your own morning routine.
The Quran is the basis for most of them, which is good for you. May Allah bless you and be kind to you.

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