Iran Quran Competition’s First Round Is Over

Iran Quran Competition's First Round Is Over
Source by: Iqna

The Iran Quran competitors who have advanced to the finals in both the men’s and women’s competitions will soon be announced by the panel of judges.

On January 13, they had begun the deliberations in the holy city of Mashhad in the northeast by evaluating the videotapes of the competitors’ performances.

The first round had 149 Quran reciters and memorizers from 80 different nations, including 114 men and 35 women.

Experts in the Quran such as Nosratollah Hosseini, Reza Mohammadpour, Saeed Fayaz, Hamid Derayati, and Mohammad Sadeq Nasrollahi were on the panel of judges for the men’s division.

The group, which was led by Seyed Ali Sarabi, also included two international specialists, Seyed Ahmad Ghaffari of Afghanistan and Ahmed Abdulbari of Iraq.

The men’s and women’s final stages are scheduled to begin on February 13 in conjunction with the Day of Maba’ath, which commemorates the selection of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as God’s final messenger.

The motto of this edition, like the one before it, is “One Book, One Ummah,” which demonstrates the importance that the Islamic Republic of Iran places on Muslim nations’ unity and brotherhood.

The annual international Quran competition is organized by Iran’s Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization, with participation from Quran advocates from other nations.

Due to worries about the coronavirus epidemic, the 38th edition was essentially held in March 2022.