Two Palestinians Killed In Israeli Raid On West Bank Refugee Camp

source by: Iqna

It comes as tensions in the occupied territories keep getting worse.

Israeli military forces stormed the camp on Thursday morning, according to Palestinian media. This led to violent clashes with local people.

Palestinian media said that the two people who died were 58-year-old Jawad Bawatqa and 26-year-old Adham Jabarin.

Bawatqa was a teacher. An Israeli sniper shot him, and he died from his wounds.

Jabarin was also one of the people in charge of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which is a group of armed Palestinian groups based in the West Bank.

With the most recent deaths, 17 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire so far in 2023. Four of them were children.

Almost every day, Israeli forces raid different cities in the occupied West Bank, saying they are looking for “wanted” Palestinians. Most of the time, the raids led to violent fights with locals.

Israel has been attacking Palestinian towns and cities in the occupied territories more and more over the past few months. Dozens of Palestinians have died because of these attacks, and many more have been arrested.

The UN said that 2022 will be the most dangerous year for Palestinians in the West Bank in the last 16 years.

At least 171 Palestinians, including more than 30 children, were killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank and occupied East al-Quds last year. At least 9,000 other people were hurt, too.

Recently, there has been a lot of violence in the West Bank. This is because the new extreme cabinet, led by the hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is pushing for far-right policies that will make it harder on Palestinians.

In response to new Israeli crimes, the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement said that it holds Israel responsible for the crimes and violations it keeps committing against Palestinians. It also said that the occupying regime’s acts of aggression will not go unnoticed.